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Author Bash Report 08/09/2011+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 09-09-2011 13:10   

There were just four players on this week: Rage the Warlock (subsequently elected Bash-General), Folly the Necromancer, Holyone the Patriarch and me at Sorcerer.

In no time at all, it seemed we were called to the Classical Ruin. I had just only kitted up. After the ritualistic ceremony of The Pillar, I snatched the pointers and immediately started on the Goblins. All thirteen goblins accounted for, I went into the cellar, taking out a zombie on the way, where I found the last rat alive and the coal gone. This disappointment, was inevitably followed up by the demise of all six watersnakes. On the North Mountain I found Holyone sleeping the sleep of the just and a distinct absence of ponies, snowbirds and other mobiles normally associated with this mountain top. I went back down and tackled the fearful spider. You can take precautions against its venom but even if its bite did not kill me, just four bites and no hits from it reduced my stamina from 100 to 49 when it died. Folly and I next teamed up for the Keep. At a crucial moment the Maiden put me into a sleep and was herself killed by Folly on his own. Waking up, I managed a few crows.

Now in the company of Holyone, we overcame the Wraith and the Vampire. Rage I think was also there but invisible. My guess he was the ?someone?. Killing the Golem and grabbing the icons went smoothly enough with only one hitch. The last item on the agenda was the skeleton: sk0. I amanged to do the same trick as Jigglypuff did last week and tackle the skeleton on the Vertical staircase, a single player room. I am grateful to whoever it was putting spells on me to go invisible, and to increase my strength and adroitness. I suspect it was Rage.

Rage had in the meantime, tackled the Sealife and somehow drowned in the process. He later said he lost his stats (presumably those from the pillar), his wafers, and 1,5K points. You can expect the first two but 1,5K points is heavy

There is a great satisfaction in killing the last mobile. This was only the second time I have experienced it.

After the Bash, I almost immediately received a 100 survival bonus and I realised I was on the cusp of Necromancer. I dashed about, picked up my icon and some other treasure. These when swamped brought my score to just 25,518. (still 82 short). One of the treasure items had been the valetant, which warned me, a number of times, that someone was using magic ?upon my person?. This is a worry once a bash is over. Any idea that a player should refrain for killing is past (although there is no rule about not killing during a bash - it?s just undesirable as you need all the players you can muster). Not being very brave, I quitted and returned to the Tearoom. My score at this time shows 25,539 and I have not the slightest idea where the additional 21 points came from. Nothing shows on the log.

In the Tearoom Rage kissed me up to Necromancer, overdoing it with six kisses when the first four did the trick. We all ducked but the expected FOD never came.

Yet another successful outcome and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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