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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 06/10/2011+
Author Bash Report 06/10/2011+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 07-10-2011 12:21   

Stormin and I at necromancer, with Saibot the sorceress, were just three players who were there from the start and who managed complete the task with about half an hour to spare albeit with the help of some latecomers. I am not sure to what extent the other two worked as a team, but except for the keep I was pretty well on my own. Saibot was elected General when we were into the game a bit. The other two did most of the work. I, as usual, just wandered around killing whatever I came across (provided it did not look too dangerous).

I started off with the Goblins but Saibot came along and I left a couple for him. Then I went on to the rats. I borrowed a boat from Saibot and next conducted business with the Dragon. Safely back on the main land, I went down the well and then, as always, on to the pony and the snowbird. After that back in the Formal Garden the only mobile I found still alive was the boar.

A few of quick spells showed two skeletons, the Spider and the Maiden were still alive. I passed the scorpion on my way to collect the antidote against the Spider?s venom and wisely ignored it. I went to the Ruin and to my surprise Saibot was already in combat with the creature. I had trouble getting the top off the antidote (mistyping). But I was already engaged in combat and we killed it after one blow from me, Saibot having significantly weakened it. I wasted the antidote by drinking it after the Spider had died, not having been bitten. I was in such a muddle and panic to get the command in that I eventually got it right when it was no longer needed.

I passed Holyone the Patriarch in the Luscious Wood. I have no idea how long he had been North. Seeing another player was encouraging.

I next went to the Mausoleum and tackled the Skeleton from the North-East Tomb. After a very long time, it fled from me. I immediately re-sited as my stamina was down to 24.

Saibot had lost his magic and wanted help with the Touchstone. He was soon back to Necromancer. I noticed he had changed sex to male.

There was a call to team up for the Keep. I had already established that the Wyvern, a formidable foe, was no longer there. No doubt it had been killed by guile rather than in a fight. Saibot, one invisible player and I, did not therefore meet any resistance until we reached the third floor. The others must have been there for a while because the Spectre was killed after I had managed to get only one blow in. On the fourth floor we met the Griffin. He took a bit longer, but still I was on full stamina at the end of it. We were by now just down to 5 mobiles overall and one of these we knew was the Maiden on the top floor of the Keep. A female voice said a dreamword nearby, so the invisible player had to be female and even now looking at the log I still havn?t a clue who that could have been.

The Maiden proved to be easy, though she blinded me at a crucial moment. I got no points for the kill which happened just after I unblinded myself.

Once more the Golem was the last mobile to die and, to my utter surprise I found I was 11 points away from Warlock. I picked up the throne and a few bits and pieces from the Dwarfen Realm to make up the difference. I do not like hanging around in the Land when the Bash has ended. (It?s asking for trouble really especially when someone makes a point of shouting that there is a lot of treasure still left in the Dwarfs.) So I retired to the Tearoom.

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