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Author Bash 13.10.11 +

Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 13-10-2011 22:43   
Well done everyone, it was great fun.
Pagoda opened which was a pain as I don't know it very well yet. I also passed the dragon several times looking for the broadsword; I was quite drunk.

Folly died to the TS
Holyone to the phoenix - which put up a good fight. But both players were a massive help, I noticed both doing the nasty jobs like getting the bees and rats done - couldn't have done it without ya (especially pagoda) x

Sealife went pretty well. The ichy was one of the last to die.. dunno what the final mob was as I had to run to the loo - I'm a little tipsy to say the least.
Hope this reads well, goodnight
~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 13-10-2011 23:05   
I wasn't drunk. Just played like it...

Got a quick 800 points (ta) and went to collect my kit:

Narrow road between lands.
You are stood on a narrow road between The Land and whence you came. To the
north and south are the small foothills of a pair of majestic mountains,
with a large wall running round. To the west the road continues, where in
the distance you can see a thatched cottage opposite an ancient cemetery.
The way out is to the east, where a shroud of mist covers the secret pass by
which you entered The Land.
You are in the foothills, such as they are, to a tall mountain. To the south
is an east-west road, and to the north more small hillocks. Westwards lies a
forest, but passage east is impossible because of a huge stone wall which
blocks the way, built to keep the denizens of The Land away from the
surrounding area...
You are in some higher foothills of the mountains to the north. More
foothills are downwards to the south, and to the west is forest. In the
distance southwest can be seen a small, thatched cottage, and some wide,
open, pastures.
Forested part of north mountain.
You are standing in amongst some trees which cloak the lower slopes of a
majestic mountain, rising to the north above the timber-line. In all
directions, the mountain continues, although south and west are only gentle
foothills. There is a large stick on the ground.
North mountain.
You are ascending the lower slopes of a majestic mountain, which forces its
way through the clouds further to the north, above a rugged cliff beyond
where the slopes end. The cliff curves round, and blocks your immediate
passage to the west, although in other directions the comparatively gentle
slopes lead down to the foothills.
North mountain.
You are in the corner of a horseshoe-shaped cliff, which curves round from
the north to the west, blocking your way. All around you in other directions
lie the slopes leading up to the cliff, which towers high above you, ending
just below the clouds. A modest-sized cave is situated in the cliff directly
to the north. There is a long-disused warning beacon here.
Cave of stars.
From the narrow, unpretentious entrance to this small cave, you are witness
to an awesome, brilliant spectacle of natural wonder. The dark, grey walls
are studded with innumerable deposits of a strange, red, translucent
mineral, which trace eerily across the entire cave, scintillating like a
thousand stars to the dancing light of a perfectly-formed touchstone,
situated in the centre of the room, and dominating the scene with its
profound and terrible beauty. Plainly, this stone is an object of immense
and ancient power, power which might bestow great magic on some, yet which
for many more leads only to the reward of dark and helpless oblivion.
Neglected here is a seaworthy sampan, large enough for only one person. To
one side lies a battered old cardboard box, open.
You cannot go north from here.
You cannot go north from here.
A feeling of unbelievable power surges through your body. You gulp it back,
yet it still floods your every fibre. You begin to feel warm, and good
inside, and still the magic swells in its marvellous intensity. Suddenly,
without warning, it stops, and you are left staggered by the immensity of
your experience, thankful that you still live, but feeling strangely
different... Your stamina has fallen from 73 to 53.
(Persona saved on 800).
You are now Folly the cabalist! Congratulations!
Cardboard box taken.
Sampan taken.
You cheer.
North mountain.
There is a long-disused warning beacon here.
You are carrying the following:
the sampan and the cardboard box.
The cardboard box contains:
the key, the longsword, the oracle, 2 stoppered vials and
the firestone.
The stoppered vial contains:
a potion.
The stoppered vial contains:
a potion.
Weight carried: 23kg 240g/82kg.
Objects carried: 2/10.

I probably should have fled from the rat later on though...

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Joined: Mar 20, 2011
Posts: 113
Posted: 13-10-2011 23:15   
The last mob was the lynx in the blizzard, took it down pretty easy,
Bash was good fun and yet another win for the team

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 14-10-2011 13:55   
Well done. Thank you for those write-ups. Interesting that the Lynx was the last mobile and found in the Blizzard. Being the last it follows that the Hedgehog had already been killed. So, there is more than one way to get through the blizzard then?

And congratulations to Folly on touching the TS and succeeding at Warrior level to get Cabalist. The odds must be stacked against that.

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 346
Posted: 14-10-2011 18:18   

On 13-10-2011 22:43, Miek wrote:
I'm a little tipsy to say the least.

Could you post that before resets.

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 14-10-2011 23:00   

On 14-10-2011 18:18, Turrican wrote:
Could you post that before resets.

Sorry *keeps quiet*

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