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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 27/10/2011+
Author Bash Report 27/10/2011+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 28-10-2011 13:12   

This one went a whole lot better than the one last week. Playing were Holyone the Patriarch, Foolscap the Warlock, Crixas the Necromancer and me at Swordsman. Cenedra the Mage stayed in the Tearoom and Crazyfool was the presiding Wizard. Despite what I said last week I was unable to log on once during the week and so, I was fighting at what I regarded as below my weight. But I found plenty to do. I skilfully avoided fighting the Stag and slew the butterfly instead. I got attacked by the electric eel but I hung on in there and after a few nasty shocks overcame it. I chased the dragonfly next. I had earned the ?dragonfly-slaying? prefix. Crixas was Bash-General and Pinguis was given the prefix ?Magpie-Molesting?. I was not the only non-magic user in the game now as Pinguis was shown at Protector (soon to be Yeoman). I came across Crixas and Pinguis fighting someone at the swamp. Wrongly I assumed it was another mortal player. I hung around watching. Only when the Thief became visible did I realise it was a mobile. By the time I got the command in, it had been killed. Nothing for it, and feeling I had to do something useful, I went down the well where I was unable to find the sixth watersnake. I could only account for five. Without the help of magic it took a lot of fruitless searching for me to decide someone else had already dealt with it. In the end, I had to kill the viper to make the sixth snake and get the task.

I dealt with the Ox and carried it to the swamp, where I swamped it. Sadly I entered the command ?dr t? instead of ?dr ox? and down went possibly the most useful item I could have found, given my situation of non-magic user, the Oracle. A quick check showed we had been joined by Fasty the Sorceress. I did not come across her in the game so I do not know if she went North or stayed in the Tearoom. Crazyfool had been busy. I had lost my dragonfly-slaying prefix. It had been replaced by ?cowboy?. How did CF know I wear my cowboy hat playing MUD? Cenedra was described as ?damned-fine? and Holyone as ?Man-U-supporting?, whatever that means. I got the Raven and the Ram. I attacked the Ram by mistake chasing the raven.

I found the Pagoda open. I had not gone after the pony and his chums on the North Mountain as I would normally have done after going down the well, as I had not the means of getting off the mountain as a non-magic user. But now with the Pagoda open I could do so easily. I bumped into Ape2 on the way. I think at that point he was the only surviving ape, but he was not for very long. On the way to the Pony I came across a Lynx. I went after the Pony and yet again, going after it as it fled, I attacked the Lynx at the same time. (I know about ?wounded mobile? but it?s a lot to type in if you are not using macros.) Fortunately the Pony was on its last legs and it soon left me fighting the Lynx on its own. I ended up fleeing on 11 stam. The Lynx followed me and lost no time to attack and this time I fled on just 7. I dashed into the Pagoda Grounds and hid up in the Tool Room. Fully recovered I went back for the Lynx. This time I was successful. I gained 133 points for the kill but I had already lost 172 points fleeing. Nevertheless I was pleased that I had recovered most of my points. I always think it worthwhile to go after the mobile you have just fled from. Though perhaps after four flees it?s time to give up. The Snow bird was next. It proved easy and I did not end up chasing it.

Sometime ago there was some idle chatter in the Tearoom during which a route to the Alpine Cottage was discussed. I unashamedly eavesdropped. Now was the time to try it out and to my surprise it worked. I was expecting to fall down a crevice or crevasse or something. I blew the Alpine Horn but nothing much happened. I explored a bit and came back through the Blizzard without mishap.

I visited the Dwafen Realm, mostly I admit to see if anyone had swamped the throne but only a few bits of low-value treasure were lying about. I did find a few trinkets from the Cottage in the Children?s Dormitory. I don?t know if that was significant or someone trying out some sort of experiment. I suspect the latter. And we were now down to just 5 mobiles.

Holyone was having a bit of a problem with a skeleton behind the Waterfall. I had to search a bit before finding an umbrella. I got as far as the Reverberating Room with Holyone east of me in the Fossil Room. But I could not get in because ?there was not enough room?. We seem to do this every week. Eventually, Holyone told me to ?go in now?. I did just that and the skeleton had been weakened so much, it just fell apart. By now I was on Hero level with a maximum stamina of 98. I picked up Holyone?s kit which included a purse containing two wafers. Holyone had done a ?Royston?, that is he had fled completely forgetting he had wafers. We were now down to 2 alive then quite suddenly 1. As always it was the Golem who was the last to go. This time I did not take part. It was all over very quickly. Usually this last bit takes some time. I ended up at Superhero, as did Pinguis.

Zedar the Hero arrived at my side at my side, where I happened to be, at the Swamp and I really felt it was time to go. There were 21 minutes left before the reset.

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