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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Halloween Bash 3/11/2011-
Author Halloween Bash 3/11/2011-

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 04-11-2011 11:44   

?I could a tale unfold whose lightest word
Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood,
Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres,
Thy knotted and combined locks to part
And each particular hair to stand on end,
Like quills upon the fretful porpentine:?

The only mobile missing from last night?s bash was the fretful porpentine. There are tales that I cannot unfold because I wasn?t there. For example what caused CF to wet himself with excitement?

*Crazyfool the stand-up wizard shouts "wwow".
*Crazyfool the stand-up wizard shouts "thats amazing".
*Crazyfool the stand-up wizard shouts "oh god i would be kicking myself if i missed this set so far and had just arrived".

What did I do? Not a great deal! I did not go after the goblins and then the rats; neither did I go down the well and on to the North Mountain afterwards. I seemed to spend my time fighting Fireimps and Children. Someone (I cannot find from the log who it was) announced that they were unhappy about killing children. If the children in MUD represented the children who were inducted, by their doting parents, into the not-so-gentle art of blackmail by treating or tricking, then I am all for it. Child0 was the difficult one. It would not stand still and be bashed.

This year I was determined to swamp the treasure from Dracula?s Mansion. On my first attempt to get into the building I rushed headlong into the Vampire who wasted no time in getting stuck into me. He was soon joined by the Wraith and sure enough I ended up fleeing. Zedar quitted the game at this stage and I managed to pick up his Broadsword that he left on the Jetty. The second attempt to get inside Darcula?s was successful. I skilfully dodged past the Wraith on way to the Porch. I attacked Renfield in the Drawing Room and I wondered if this were wise bearing in mind that he consumed flies and spiders which might be left over as mobiles. He fled back into the Entrance Hall, where I finished him off. I went all round the building, except for the cellar which I wanted to leave to the last. I knew from previous years that there was some treasure of real value in the cellar which could not be removed by one player on their own. And bash or no bash I was determined to swamp it. I accordingly asked Folly to meet me at the Rough Pasture. He wasn?t very keen but after a while he agreed. I waited and waited while he, it appeared, was hanging about in the Dwarfen Realm, seemingly not moving very much from the Children?s Dormitory. After a while I decided to find him and explain face to face (I could have done it using ?tells? and wished I had.) I had completely forgotten about the pumpkins and I did not take them too seriously when they found me, with a disastrous result:
The following players have died in fights this reset:
Royston the sorcerer, killed by the pumpkin, the pumpkin and the pumpkin.

I think mine was the only death (Dead-dead) during the set.

Going back after my kit, I was again attacked, but this time managed to flee in time. Holyone attempted something strange on me in an effort to transfer some of his points to me that did not work. We won?t dwell on that. I acquired a cutlass. I made my way back to Dracula?s where:

A painting of a man with piercing red eyes wearing a cape, covers one wall.
*val t
The value of the wall painting is 1,008 points.

Symphony the Warlock appeared and left. I tried to follow him but in previous years I had made an error on my map and tried to go west instead of north. When I caught up with him he was going it hammer and tongs with Dracula himself. I tried to help and it was at this stage I found out that I was not strong enough to use the cutlass. At the same time as he was fighting, Symphony hugged me a number of times and thereby boosted my score by about 100 points but it still was not enough for me to join in. On the way out through the Evil Wood I again bumped into theVampire. I played it absolutely safe this time and superfled. I was back to Novice again. I next met the Bog Wight at the swamp and this time when I fled I went ?over? and sank down in the swamp this time dying a ?silly? death. But at least at novice level I was not losing huge numbers of points. I wandered round a bit lonely as a cloud when I came across Folly beating up the Scorpion. I left him to it. The scorpion can be nasty. Luckily that did not prevent Folly saving my life a few minutes later on by lashing out at the Cloth Toy Wereclown which was getting the better of me. That one we won.

As I was still at yeoman level and not having much luck with the remaining mobiles, I decided to boost my score a bit by swamping some loose treasure and maybe gain some strength to use a decent weapon. I should not have broken my own rules. All I succeeded in doing was blow myself up at the Swamp. I next went through the maze following a trail of bloody, clawed footprints. After a while these led me to the centre of the maze but I did not come across any of the promised pixies. These had obvious all been dealt with. Earlier on during the day, Gaia had told me that Folly always makes for the beehive straight off at the start of a bash. I wonder how he got on this time.

By now we were 29 mobiles alive and only 5 minutes left of play. It seemed unlikely we would win on this occasion. We got it down to 24 by the end of the set.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 04-11-2011 19:56   
*Royston the yeoman says "Well it was a strange bash. I missed a lot.
Hopefully pees will add stuff to write-up.".
*Royston the yeoman giggles.
*Royston the yeoman says "*peeps".
*"i'll try to
Folly the sorcerer says "i'll try to".
*"will check log
Folly the sorcerer says "will check log".
*Royston the yeoman says "OK GNight. I'm off.".

I've never done one of these halloween bashes before so it was all new and interesting. And new. I started on 8k so didn't have magic.

Found an apple in a barrel, used it to get a glow. Killed the mouse, swamped the ox.

Classical Ruin; me, Roy and Pinguis got pillared (thanks CF).

Killed a snail. It had it coming, the bastard.

Narrow road between lands.
Royston the serial-killer sorcerer is here wearing a love god outfit, and
carrying a key10 and a staff0.

Got into a fight with child2 and a bog wight. Stumbled around blind for a bit. Royston unblinded me (ta), killed a beholder.

At this point someone shouted that weapons were under the hut, and I thought that's a good idea. Get a weapon. So I went and got a weapon.

Next I found the coracle at the jetty, so decided to try and get the longsword. Got jumped by Nessie, killed Nessie, got longsword. Back on dry land, loaned the LS to the thief. Got it back. Thief got away.

Went to get coal, which was being guarded by gremlins. Got coal, got attacked by thief again, he got away again.

It was raining so killed a couple of maggots. As you do. When it stopped raining went to visit the dragon who was wearing a burnt Hawumph mask.

It was round about this time Royston asked me to meet at rough pasture, so I assumed he was going after the twins. I think I'd managed to misplace the cc as I was going to go get the amulet but didn't have a boat. I then decided to go into the dwarfs to see if there were any wafers about. I then got carried away smashing pumpkins and didn't think Roy would still be waiting for help with V (as I didn't know about that house in the evil wood).


*In the distance, you hear a bell toll.
The following players have died in fights this reset:
Royston the sorcerer, killed by the pumpkin, the pumpkin and the

RIP Roy. Rest in pumpkin.

Killed more pumpkin guards, got to champ, survived the TS, killed a few more things here and there, then, went to kill the leader of the pumpkins. Otherwise known as the Pumpking! (genius).

Next went looking for bees. Didn't find any. sv was 51 but it was clear that this week wasn't going to be a win. After maze killed scorpion, piglet and helped with Royston's cloth toy wereclown.

Later on killed the vampire, fled from wraith, noticed that there was some sort of porch in the Evil wood. Went to kill some hydras, managed to mistype 'unblind symphony", or blind myself, around 4 or 5 times. And I think that was pretty much it. I should probably have died 4 or 5 times, but didn't, so had a beer to celebrate. Cheers for putting it on Crazyfool!

Oh, and "Tonight, Tonight" is a great song.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 04-11-2011 21:30   

1:39 - mud clue!

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
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Posted: 05-11-2011 13:37   

On 04-11-2011 11:44, royston wrote:
We got it down to 24 by the end of the set.

22 left.

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