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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 01/12/2011+
Author Bash Report 01/12/2011+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 02-12-2011 13:32   

Nothing very dramatic happened during this bash, as far as I know.

Those participating were:
Hawumph the onomatopoeic arch-wizard
Folly the hero
Royston the dragonfly-slaying hero
Vixen the vulpine swordswoman
Cenedra the mage
Airwave the bash-general necromancer
Gaia the warlock

I started off at Hero level and was hoping to make Superhero by the end of the set. After playing around with the Watersnakes and a few other mobiles that attacked me or got in my way going to and from the Classical Ruin, my score was 5,719 and I felt I had a very good chance of getting it.

I found the Great Gate leading to the Pagoda open. This did not stop me from wasting time searching for the right kit to get me off the North Mountain. I seem to remember doing the same thing a few weeks ago. Once the Pagoda has opened up, it is dead easy. (I do mean the high bit of the mountain of course).

I met Folly and that?s when things started to go wrong. I was persuaded to go and help out at the keep. On the third floor we found an invisible player, who had to be Gaia, fighting the Spectre. I killed it with my first blow as I attacked it. An easy 100 points after Gaia doing all the hard work. On the fourth floor was the Griffin with Folly fighting it. I joined in as did the invisible player. I should have fled on 22 stamina but thought I would be OK for one more hit. I fled on 6 but on picking up my kit on the way out I attempted to pick up the Griffin at the same time. The Griffin blocked my way out, of course, and it re-attacked. That was curtains for me.

Back in the game, Hawumph doted me back to Hero. I went back to the Keep and collected my gear. It appeared I was only just in time to receive the 300 bonus for 50 mobiles left. I checked the reset and saw we had 56 minutes of this set left. So we were within the golden ratio and a win was on the cards.

After a considerable time just looking for mobiles, I remembered the Spider. And despite or perhaps because of my problems with it last week, I went for it. This time it all went to plan.

At 38 minutes left we were down to 25 mobiles. I took another chance and after a prolonged battle overcame Skeleton1. I came across Folly now a Yeoman. This explains how that came about:

Folly the yeoman has just arrived.
*Folly the yeoman has just left.
The following players have died in fights this reset:
Folly the superhero, killed by 5 apes,
Royston the dragonfly-slaying hero, killed by the griffin.

I learnt the hard way how to avoid being killed by a whole troupe of Apes (or should that be troop?) I think I mentioned before that when attacking mobiles when I first started I would use the command ?k a? as it was quick and easy to type. That is until one day an invisible wizard was lurking in the same room.

In the Pagoda Grounds I polished off a few apes. Then in the South part of the Courtyard I scanned the adjoining rooms. I could see that the Tiger was NE of me Before the Great Buddha. Sensibly, I thought, I shouted for help before venturing in a north-easterly direction. I am sure these mobiles can scan adjoining rooms as easily as we can, because suddenly he was there in front of me and he was on me. By the time Folly appeared my stamina was down to 32. The tiger looked close to death when my stam was down to 25. I was typing in the flee command when the Tiger fled and there was no need for me to do so. I left it to Folly and Airwave who had just arrived to finish it off. And we were now down to 5 mobiles.

I helped out with the Golem and very soon swamped my icon. There was a brief period of quiet when the last mobile was dealt with and it was all over with just 8 minutes to spare.

This was a good run of the mill bash where everything except Folly?s and my death went well.

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Joined: Mar 05, 2010
Posts: 7
Posted: 02-12-2011 16:29   
"This was a good run of the mill bash where everything except Folly?s and my death went well. "

I wouldn't say that exactly. Due to astonishingly slow reactions (possibly related to alcohol), I lost my necro (a few K short of Warlock) after the bash had been won. Sometimes this game does make me want to throw my computer out the window!

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 03-12-2011 01:31   
Ape0 fled. The other apes blocked me. My choice of command to re-attack the now absent ape0 was unwise.

I'm also blaming alcohol.

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