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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash 12/12/2012
Author Bash 12/12/2012
Unregistered User
Posted: 12-12-2012 21:54   
*You feel as if a tremendous evil has been rid from The Land! No pawns of
darkness sully it with their presence. The relief of generations of souls
floods through your being!
You have changed experience level from sorcerer to necromancer.
(+3,000 = 25,777)

Here are the player's that participated;

Rage the necromancer
Hakkar the sorcerer
Plonk the sorcerer
Slenderman the sorcerer

Folly joined us a little later. We finished the bash with over 30 minutes remaining.

This pre-bash was a fantastic team effort and I would like to thank all those who got involved and here's to a jolly good bash tomorrow.


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