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Author Bash 17/01/2013+

Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 17-01-2013 23:12   
Bash including Pagoda successful, about 29 minutes left.

Kanye the necromancer
Kiwi the necromancer
Royston the hero
Blackheart the warlock
Folly the necromancer
Angelus the dragon-slaying warlock

The following players have died in fights this reset:
Royston the dragonfly-slaying necromancer, killed by the pony.

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 18-01-2013 13:00   

All in all, by and large, all things considered, I had a bad day yesterday. It started in the morning taking the dog out. If this dog sees anyone, he will rush up to them wagging his tail and jumping up. In the vast, vast majority of cases, people on the receiving end give him a big hug and make a fuss of him. This of course encourages his deplorable behaviour. Yesterday there was a different reaction. When he went bounding off to greet a man about 50 yards or so away, ignoring all my shouts to call him back, he was greeted with a lot of shouting and flaying of arms soon followed by a serious flaying of legs. I have never seen a whirling dervish but it seemed to me this man was giving a good impression of one. Meanwhile the dog was rushing around the man at top speed, barking his head off. When I got there, the man commenced to shout at me. This upped the excitement in the dog to no end. I did not help either because I was also shouting at the dog in the fruitless attempt to get him under control. I was also yelling at the man, shouting at him to calm down. In the end I opened a stranger?s front garden gate and somehow got this mad dog into the garden and shut the gate. The man went on his way. I did apologise. All I had to do now was get the dog on a lead and out of this garden. I did not fancy another shouting match with an offended householder. I managed by simply opening the gate and catching the dog on his way out. Strange to say, there was another man working in this garden and so intent was he on what he was doing I don?t think he noticed anything untoward. Then in the afternoon I had to go to the hospital and have a bit of skin about the size of a fivepenny piece cut out of my back. Anaesthetics never work 100% on me and it was fairly unpleasant. No worse I suppose than being stung by stinging nettles, but it went on for over thirty minutes.

So I was really looking forward to taking part in the bash at nine o?clock. I had had enough of the day. And what happened? I got myself killed by the Pony no less. Now this is impossible, with a real stam of 110 and with staff0, you cannot possibly lose to the Pony. But I managed it. Of course, when in a fight in MUD you should be studying the monitor and ready to flee when you have to. I was busy at the time delving for ?yellow ones? or possibly ?orange ones? in a large jar of jelly babies I got for Christmas. When I did eventually look, my stam was down to 3. I knew I had a command in the command line to flee and all I had to do was hit the <Enter> key. This is what happened:

The pony looks critically injured.
The pony hits you (3/110).
*You miss the pony.
The pony misses you.
Your spell works, but can't extricate you from a fight.
The power of the magic has put you to sleep!
*You have just been woken up!
Your stamina is 3.
The pony hits you.
You feel your lifeblood leaving...
The pony has killed you.
Key52 dropped.
Staff0 dropped.
You are no longer a member of house "MA".

It helps if you do not confuse rs with f o. Now if you go back into a bash after qq or after a silly death your previous kills count towards getting the 3k bonus at the end. But I had died dead-dead and needed to find a weapon and a mobile quickly. The only weapon I could find was the rolling-pin and this happened when eventually found a mobile.

Fast-flowing river.
A monster pike with huge jaws swims here.
*You attack the pike0, using the rolling-pin1 as a weapon.
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (47/51).
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (45/51).
*You hit the pike0 (5).
The pike0 looks fit.
The pike0 hits you (40/51).
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (38/51).
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 misses you.
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (29/51).
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (27/51).
*You miss the pike0.
The pike0 hits you (19/51).
You might like to consider fleeing, eg. F O to FLEE OUT.
*f j.ga.o
You cannot go over from here.
(-17 = 0).
Rolling-pin1 dropped.
You have fled by trying to go over.
*Rolling-pin1 taken.
*Ancient orchard.

Not very impressive, is it. But at least I got the flee right. But now my fortune changed. A player gave me all the Keep treasure to swamp, which took me up to swordsman. I got another much needed 300 points when an fyi appeared at 50 mobiles left. I swapped the rolling-pin for an axe and found the monk:

s.k mo f wp
Dining hall.
An elderly monk glares at you with suspicion. The white door is closed. The green door is open.
*You're not strong enough to wield an axe0.

So far, not so good. I next decided to go back to the North Mountain to try and recover my staff. I wasted a lot of time looking for the means to get back off the mountain, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Pag was open. When it eventually dawned on me that I could get down without the slightest difficulty, I killed the Snowbird and the Marmot; and I was back in the game.

I helped out with the golem and I was given 3 icons. The same player gave me all the dwarfs? treasure to swamp. This was a different player than the one who gave me the Keep treasure. I am being a bit coy as who they were, because it is frowned upon to seek treasure when you should be killing mobiles. But you know who you were. It was very generous of you and I am really grateful. All this treasure got me up to 5,294 points then the 3k for finishing got me to Superhero and well on the way to Champion.

There was one oddity worth mentioning to any interested Arch-Wizard (assuming they read this). At one stage someone wh?d Duck to be told it was in the Duck Pond. The Giants? was not open.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons.

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