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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 24/01/2013+
Author Bash Report 24/01/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 25-01-2013 13:20   

Players were, Blackheart the Warlock , Folly and Gibbet both Necromancers Kiwi the Sorcerer, Godric the Warrior and me nearly bringing up the rear at Superhero. Gaia the Warlock joined us a bit later on. I had hoped to make Champion by the end of the set and looked forward to touching the Touchstone either when the bash finished or possibly at the beginning of the following set. But it will be no surprised to regular readers of these reports that it was not to be.

I started off on the raven then next I tackled the billy goat. I fled from the goat but got back on to him. It was however, as you would expect, a net loss of points.

You cannot go over from here.
(-414 = 8,528).
Falchion dropped.
You have fled by trying to go over.
You have killed the billy goat.
(+159 = 8,687).

After a while Blackheart asked me to help with gargoyles. Having established from him that the Wyvern was dead, I headed for the Keep. Foolishly I went up the Keep and came face to face with the Griffin, who lost no time in attacking me. ?Someone? that could only have been Blackheart himself joined in . But it went badly for him:

You hear a dull thud, as the griffin hits someone.
You hear a grinding noise, as someone hits the griffin.
*The griffin misses you.
You hit the griffin (5-9).
The griffin looks critically injured.
*You hear a stinging blow, as the griffin hits someone.
You hear a grinding noise, as someone hits the griffin.
*You hear a slicing sound, as the griffin hits someone.
A small, stoppered vial stands here, labelled: "POTION 7 - gain stamina".
A small, heavily-used mortar with writing on it has been placed close by.
A beautiful amber pendant catches your eye nearby.
An open, sturdy cardboard box stands here.
A beautiful, iridescent firestone (firestone1) glows nearby.
Fashioned from bone, an ancient ring lingers by your feet.
A rusty key can be seen here.
A sturdy staff lies within easy reach.
In the distance, you hear a bell toll.
*The griffin hits you (30/100).

I resisted grabbing everything but I did snatch the vial. It only gave me a brief respite:

The griffin hits you (7/100).
You hit the griffin (5).
The griffin looks close to death.
*op vial7
The stoppered vial7 opens...
*drink vial7
The smooth, sweet-tasting potion glides down your throat...
(+10 = 10,165).
You feel better already.
Your stamina is 57.
*The griffin misses you.
You hit the griffin (1).
The griffin looks close to death.
*A male voice in the distance shouts "gl with that".
*The griffin hits you (49/100).
You miss the griffin.
*The griffin hits you (33/100).
You miss the griffin.
*The griffin hits you (20/100).
You hit the griffin (7).
The griffin looks close to death.

I fled at 20. It should have worked but I had not reckoned with:

Your way is blocked by the griffin.

Gibbert arrived on scene but unfortunately not in the nick of time. And I was a gonner, dead-dead. I think Blackheart felt badly about it. He need not have done. I am alone responsible for my actions.

The next person who showed me kindness was Gibbet who invited me to help with the Golem and the promise of a reward of two icons. At Novice level this was irresistible. Well it would have been good had I not yet again typo?d. What happened next is certainly in the ?ooops? class. I was, as ever, on low stam too:

You tell your listeners "in AC".
*A male voice in the distance shouts "3 med".
I don't know the word "mes".
You feel a great tranquillity filling your being, which subsides gradually as you cease your meditation and learn that you are in a strange place...
Outer sanctum.
A golem of solid iron stands here as guardian of the Inner Sanctum.
*The golem is rushing at you threateningly.

This time I fled and ended up on Vicious Rocks, where I qq?d. But I dropped the longsword in the process. I came back into the game and still failed to stam up. I was desperate for a kill to get my 3k. I needed something really easy and my luck was in though I was nearly killed by the firefly:

You attack the firefly4.
*You miss the firefly4.
The firefly4 hits you (6/81).
You might like to consider fleeing, eg. F O to FLEE OUT.
*You hit the firefly4 (10-14).
You have killed the firefly4.
(+1 = 1,137).
The firefly4 has just passed on.

Gibbet helped me with the Spider and the sv count was dropping quickly. And so it went until there were just two left. A shark and the Jellyfish. But there were only 446 seconds (less than 8 minutes) left at this stage. The pressure was on. Someone killed the shark and I somehow got to the Vicious Rocks but found the chart missing in the Captain?s Cabin. Of course, I knew what the first two directions from the rocks to the Island were. Accordingly I went SW where something gave me a nasty sting. It could only have been the Jellyfish. It must have been weakened already because in no time (just two hits) I managed to kill it.

It?s great feeling when you kill the last mobile and everyone gets 3k points, even when the creature has already been bashed nearly dead by another player.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons.

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Posted: 01-02-2013 07:47   
Always a good read!

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