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Author Bash 31 January 2013+

Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 02-02-2013 00:48   
I was going to write a report, but by the time I've done it it'll be next week and everyone will have moved on. So here's a link to Born Slippy by Underworld.


Choose life. But not for the mobs on Thursday nights.

*read board
Written on the board is: "
Team Bash Scores:

13/12/2012 - 51 minutes left (Royston, Pushover, Peterpan, Folly, Robby and
31/01/2013 - 42 minutes left (Zephyrus, Godric, Blackheart, Folly and Kanye)P
20/09/2012 - 35 minutes left (Xiax, Royston, Hjorvard, Moonlight and
06/12/2012 - 35 minutes left (Rhedvitra, Zalagar, Folly, Alexander and Plonk)
13/09/2012 - 30 minutes left (Xiax, Royston, Hjorvard, Folly and Hood)
17/01/2013 - 29 minutes left (Kanye, Kiwi, Royston, Blackheart, Folly and
20/12/2012 - 14 minutes left (Alexander, Peterpan, Hakkar and Folly)P
03/01/2013 - 13 minutes left (Royston, Rapscalion, Folly, Ouroboros and
10/01/2013 - 11 minutes left (Robb, Royston, Rapscalion, Kiwi and Folly)PR
24/01/2013 - 196 seconds left (Royston, Blackheart, Folly, Kiwi and Gibbet)

(P, R, G denotes that the pagoda, redwoods and/or giants opened that reset.)
*Heiach the biohazard wizard says "new record for pag being open!".

log snippet:

Entrance to monastery.
You cannot go up from here.
*Kanye the warlock has just arrived.
*Kanye the warlock has just left.
*op door
I don't know to what "door" you're referring.
Entrance to abbatial church.
The church door is locked shut.
The church door's shut, can't you see, you berk?
The church door's shut, can't you see, you berk?
*op door
The key53 grates in the lock...
The church door creaks slowly open.
Abbatial church.
The church door is open.
Blackheart the necromancer is here carrying 2 stoppered vials, a key0, a
staff0 and a foot.
Font in abbatial church.
A small, stoppered vial stands here, labelled: "POTION 1". The stoppered
vial1 contains a potion1. A small, stoppered vial stands here, labelled:
"POTION 0". The stoppered vial0 contains a potion0.
*Blackheart the necromancer has just arrived.
*g vial
Stoppered vial0 taken.
Stoppered vial1 taken.


*read vial
Written on the stoppered vial1 is: "POTION 1 - blind/deaf/cripple".
Written on the stoppered vial0 is: "POTION 0 - decrease effective strength".

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