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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 04/04/2013+
Author Bash Report 04/04/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 05-04-2013 12:19   
(Gaia bullied me into writing this ? blame him.)

It started off all a bit dodgy when before the bash started I thought I might nip north to increase my real stam from 115 to 120
You step through the opening into a blurred patchwork of greens and browns, which whirl around you in seemingly aimless patterns until they suddenly slide into shape...
Dense forest.
*A mean-looking billy goat here scowls at you, disapprovingly.
The billy goat is approaching you madly.
*The billy goat misses you.
You miss the billy goat.

You miss the billy goat.
*ql cre
The billy goat looks fit.
You appear fit.
*You now feel up to attacking other players, should you so desire.
[Anything lying about I can use as a weapon?]
Dense forest.
A mean-looking billy goat here scowls at you, disapprovingly.
*ql cre
The billy goat looks critically injured.
You appear covered in wounds.

*The billy goat hits you (4/115).
You hit the billy goat (15-19).
The billy goat looks close to death.
*The billy goat misses you.
You hit the billy goat (5-9).
You have killed the billy goat.
(+118 = 15,824).
The billy goat has just passed on.
[Pheeeew - 4 stam]

The bash started dead on 9:00pm (BST). Those present were Heiach the Wiz, Leon the Warlock, three Necromancers, Folly, Kiwi and Osterbane and finally bring up the rear at Sorcerer were Pushover and me. I must also mention Cenedra the Mage who watched from the Tearoom.

Folly got to Staff0 before me and ?someone? had dagger0; then Pushover got to the falchion before I could get anywhere near it. I settled to a billhook. Not my favourite weapon. I swapped it for one of the goblins? knives as soon as I was able.

For some strange reason I was voted Bash General. I can only assume that most players want to get on with things. I will only start shouting when things start to get tough. And everything went so terribly well that there was no need.

Leon set up the pillar but unfortunately forgot to drop the bow in the Classical Ruin after killing the Basilisk and a few of us felt a sharp pain in our hand when we tried to wave the baton in the Hut. But it was soon sorted and no harm done.

I started off for real down the Goblins?, as I said, mainly to get a better weapon, and got nine of them (goblins not weapons). Another and invisible player got the remaining four. I am not sure who that was. About this time there was a flooding of the mine and someone was starting on the dwarfs already at this early stage. I wandered around the Middle Mountain for a bit, seeing what I could find and saw that the Great Gate was open. I don?t know what happened to the Coot, it fled from me and went, I think, several rooms away but I got the Fox. Then the Coot reappeared and I was on it. I came across Kiwi battling it out with the Boar. He chased it when it fled and dealt with it before I could follow. Not having a phial I did not fancy attacking the Wasp but Kiwi had one and I left him to it. We were now down to 100 mobiles.

I wandered around fruitlessly for a time when there was the roar of a dragon dying. There were now 89 mobiles left alive and 83 minutes left in this set. We were almost down to the magic one per minute. I reckoned the rest of the bash was a formality. Feeling confident I went after the Apes. I started off with Ape0 on its own (always a good idea). I got a couple more with Folly and Pushover joining in, who also got the rest. Though some apes killed each other. I followed this up with the Monk. Folly I understand, did the rest of the Pagoda, the Snake, the Tiger and the upper floors.

At 50 mobiles left there was 74 minutes to go. I missed out on the icons but caught the Thief, who proved easy. He must have already been weakened. I realised that no one had done the Watersnakes. They were probably being left for me to sort out. I got all six. It was pure routine. Ripley the Mage appeared in the Tearoom and greeted us all but did not venture north. Someone had asked for help with the stronger dwarfs.

After the Watersnakes comes the Pony and the rest of North Mountain. I found Pushover already engaged fighting the Pony. He cased it as it fled and got it. On Snowy Mountainside I came across Sankaritar the Heroine who had already killed the Snowbird and the three other possible mobiles were simply not around.

The very last mobile was the Wolf. We had cleared the Land with ample time to spare. Does anyone know exactly how much time was left?

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Joined: Dec 04, 2012
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From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 05-04-2013 21:06   

04/04/2013 - 40 minutes left (Royston, Pushover, Folly, Kiwi, Osterbane, Sankaritar and Leon)P

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 06-04-2013 16:55   
I found a clip of the end of the bash on youtube:


Royston - thanks for the write up and excellent work as bash general. Give me a shout next time the pagoda is open, I want to see how good your maps are

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