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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 11/04/2013+
Author Bash Report 11/04/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 12-04-2013 13:21   

I got into the Land a bit late and found the bash already under way. Those playing were Leon the Warlock, Sleepy the Bash-General Necromancer, Bluestone and me Sorcerers and three Superheros: Pushover, Osterbane and Kiwi. We were later joined by Mackygee the Superhero. I passed Heiach the Wizard and Ripley the Mage in the Tearoom, though I suspect Heiach was floating in the Land somewhere and just left his body in the Tearoom. It?s funny how mages don?t like leaving the Tearoom sometimes. I often wonder why.

The first thing I did was look for a weapon. I realised that the best ones will have gone but I thought I would look anyway:
*wh staff0
1 carried by Bluestone the sorcerer.
*wh dagger0
1 carried by Leon the warlock.
*wh falchion
1 carried by Pushover the superhero.
*wh wp
1 in the place known as "croquet lawn".
1 carried by the ogre.
1 in the place known as "north tomb".
1 in the place known as "prehistoric cave".
1 in the place known as "treasure chamber in keep".
6 in the place known as "weapon room".
1 in the place known as "dwarf room".

I went for the most convenient to find, perhaps not the most sensible. The ogre was not impressed with my attempt to steal his club. I killed him in the end but my stam was down to 27 and I was on the point of fleeing. The sensible one to go for would have been the croquet mallet but I don?t think it?s very formidable. I could not think where the Prehistoric Cave was and I have been there a good few times. What I had not realised is that the Ogre?s club is as heavy as a boat and just carrying it reduced my strength to 50. I found the PC open and later, after I joined Leon and Pushover sorting out the goblins, exchanged the club for knife0.

I next went into the formal gardens where Osterbane was decimating the wild life. I interfered and muscled my way in on a few of his kills. He did something to the Hedgehog and it landed near me. He was on it and picked it up before I could attack it. I hope he managed a run towards the end of the bash. Always a good time to do it. Kazoo the Mage showed up on the list of players but I did not come across him in the Land. However, I came across Osterbane under the well. I left him to it (mostly) and went up on the North Mountain where I found the Pony and the Snowbird but nothing else. I came back through the Pagoda Grounds without stamming up (how many more times will I forget?) and attacked the monk on a 72/120 stam. Unfortunately just as I did so, Ape9 appeared on scene and joined the Monk against me. With my stam now down to 43, the Monk looked critically injured (good) and the ape looked covered in wounds (not so good). The monk wanted to withdraw which suited me but the ape carried on. I dropped from 43 stam to 25 in one blow from the ape and reluctantly felt it was time to flee. That cost me over 1k points leaving me with only 31 for that set and leaving the ape with knife0. For no apparent reason I got the hiccups and woke myself up as soon as I went to sleep, increasing my stam only by 2 each time it happened. I got to 61 and being really fed up with it qq?d and came back into the gamed cured. Thanks to Pushover telling me, I picked up dagger0 from the hut. (How did he know that I was in dire need of a decent weapon?) We were down to 25 mobioles and in no time it seemed that figure had dropped to 15. I went and looked for ape9 as I felt responsible for equipping it with the knife. But someone else got there first.

Meanwhile south in the Evil Wood were Leon, Osterbane, Pushover, now a Champion and, Mackygee the Superhero. They had already dealt with the vampire before my arrival, but I helped out with the wraith. Leon wanted us to accompany him and we shot off at an alarming speed to the Redwoods, though looking at the log it was just Osterbane and me who were doing the accompanying. We found the male roc in the forest canopy. It took some time to beat it down to looking seriously injured when it called its mate over before fleeing when close to death. The female simply took over, presumably on full stam where the male had left off. I followed it east when it too fled but it wasn?t there. I wh?d it a few times and obviously someone had got it and the male roc too.

Now there were 10 surviving mobiles with 47 minutes left in the set. A win for us seemed just a formality now.

Osterbane wanted to know the way out of the Redwoods. We were together in the roc?s nest. I needed to get out my maps. I don?t know my way around the redwoods as well as other places. Afterwards I realised you only have to spam OUT.

For some time one player had been shouting about the Mermaid and It was time to go after her. I found a boat but it was still raining. The barometer was in the Tearoom. As soon as the sun came out I went west off the Jetty and grappled with the mermaid in the first bit of sea. I got 120 points for killing her plus 119 points for swamping her necklace.

In no time at all we were down to just one surviving mobile: the Golem. I tried to get in the Shrine but it was already occupied and so found my way quickly to the Ancient Chamber. No sooner was I there when a voice in the distance yodelled. That was when my mind went blank. I had what is kindly called a ?senior moment?. I could not think what to do next. It came to me after about half a minute?s panic and it was, of course, too late and I found myself in the Outer Sanctum facing the Golem. It was going badly when the Golem told me to drop the boat I was still carrying from my adventures with the mermaid. Thank you whoever made that happen. Things started to go better now with me killing the Golem on the point of fleeing at 18 stam.

I gave Pushover one icon and no one wanted the second one so greedily I swamped the remaining three, pushing my score up to 25,621 and my level to Necromancer.

There were 32 minutes left making it the best time for both redwoods and pagoda open.
?..so far.

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 12-04-2013 14:15   
I am going to leave the typo 'mobioles' in. One of my better ones. It sounds like a starter in an Italian restaurant.

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