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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 06/06/2013?
Author Bash Report 06/06/2013?

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 07-06-2013 15:14   

Those playing were Baldrdash, Nightwolf and Pushover all Necromancers and yours truly bringing up the rear as Sorcerer. Hal the Warlock and Cenedra the Mage were both, I think in the Tearoom. For some strange reason I was elected Bash-General.

Going north, I landed at the Bandstand and there was a conductor?s baton lying on the ground. Immediately Balderdash landed next to me and there was no baton lying on the ground. However I got to staff0 before anyone else and that set me up a bit. I got a few mobiles in rapid succession when there was a call to the Classical Ruin. I was in the Chinese House at the time and was last to arrive. After the ceremony at the Classical Ruin I had great difficulty in getting back to terra firma. I had picked up the pointer, wanting it and the other pointer as a means of getting into the Goblins, which I had planned as my next expedition. The problem I had going back via the grandfather clock was Nightwolf. The clock was inside the gazebo. Nightwolf left the clock and hung around inside the gazebo for what seemed ages, effectively imprisoning me inside the clock. Also I noticed, and I still don?t know how, he was in possession of the pointer. He was wearing the cloak, so it is possible he was going through a period of being crippled.

I gave up on the idea of using the pointers to get into the Goblins? Lairs. Other means were simply not available, so with a change of plan I went into the cellars of the gravedigger?s cottage. There I found Balderdash battling it out with the rats. He seemed quite pleased to see me and I helped him out a bit. Between us we killed them all and I did not have to flee once. Balderdash went on to face the dragon.

A QW showed That Shineon the Necromancer and Mannimarco the Hero were also about the place and might have been playing since the start for all I knew.

Nightwolf, Mannimarco and I between us sorted the Keep out. With only one flee from me in the process, from the Griffin. There was a bit of a mix up over the Keep treasure. I picked up what was going. There was no one else about. I later gave the pouch to Nightwolf at his request. I gathered I should not have picked it up. At the swamp Mannimarco tried to steal all the remaining treasure from me. He got the coronet. Had he asked me, as Nightwolf had done, I would have shared it willingly with him.

Down the Well I was soon joined by Shineon. I killed one watersnake on my own and left the rest to him. I went on to the North Mountain after the Pony and the Snowbird. On the way back I picked off the Monk. All the apes seemed to have been dealt with. I found the tiger. It went for me and I soon had to flee.

With 25 mobiles left and the reset was due in 43 minutes time a win was on the cards. I went back for the tiger (I had to pick my kit up). This time I attacked. Playing it safe, I fled at 35 stam and the tiger critically injured. I shouted this out and someone else finished it off for me.

We were soon at the ?what?s left?? stage with 15 mobiles still about. Going through my hardcopy list of mobiles, it soon became apparent the jelly fish and the sharks were still happily swanning about in the sea (which everyone seemed to know already) but it also showed up skeleton0 and the wolf. I found myself at the end of my list without any further result, but somehow we were down to just 2, one of which had to be the golem. The problem with going through a list of mobiles, like I do, is that it eats into you magic and there is the danger of running out about two-thirds through. The temptation is then to ignore ones you have never seen like the Elephant and the bats; ignore those you know to be dead because you were there and ignore those which you think had obviously been killed, like the ram and the billy goat and, unfortunately the Ox.

2 alive, 295 dead.
*In the distance, you hear a loud "MOO".

Luckily for me someone found it. That left only the Golem. Nightwolf was the organising light in this enterprise. At his suggestion, I took the Shrine. On my screen shouts show up dark blue on a black background making it impossible to read. Also there were several shouts of med and by the time I worked out that one of them must be genuine, I was late with my med and I found myself looking at a Golem, who took an instant dislike to me which he exhibited by attacking me on sight. Somehow I killed it with 27 stam left. I thought this was the last one but the Giants had opened up and nearly everyone departed to do battle with them. Then my computer crashed I had to switch off at the mains plug and reboot. It has been fine today I am pleased to report.

By and by an exciting Bash though I have no idea how it ended.

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
Posts: 141
Posted: 07-06-2013 21:00   

I found myself looking at a Golem, who took an instant dislike to me which he exhibited by attacking me on sight. Somehow I killed it with 27 stam left.

Great report Royston . Congrats on your golem kill -- sounds like it was an exciting fight. I'd gladly fight rats with you anytime.


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