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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 27/06/2013+
Author Bash Report 27/06/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 28-06-2013 14:38   

It all depends on how you measure it, but if you judge the success of a Bash by the least time taken to kill all the mobiles, then this one was a resounding success, possibly record breaking. I did not do a reset until a minute or so after it was all over and we were safely ensconced in the tea room, when it showed 45 minutes left. So it took less than an hour beginning to end.

However it seemed to me, and this is a personal perception, that something was lacking. It was a steady slog with little excitement. Each player took their own area to clear and it was a methodical process with no real surprises. My own sphere of operation was the Goblins? and while it was true that I had only 36 stam left after killing G10, it was all very easy. I killed six goblins in succession with only a loss of 2 stam. Sometimes that?s how it goes.

In fact the only really exciting moment was when a player got hawumphed by the dragon. But they survived this experience, as nothing showed on the obit. It did create a slight difficulty later on when the wolf had to be gang-bashed as the hawumph had destroyed a vital piece of vegetation.

Down under the well I found Shineon making inroads into the water snakes. I left him to it and went on to tackle the pony and the snowbird. Up on the North Mountain I paused to wonder at the mammoth encased in his block of ice, as I always do when I come across it. I wonder how I could release it and to what purpose. I have tried several methods, in the past, all without success. But now was not the time. No one would have thanked me for creating another mobile which might prove difficult to master.

I was sleeping on the second floor of the keep when I was painfully kicked by Osterbane. I am not sure why. But I bear him no grudge as later on he gave me the broadsword.

Amazingly I came across a Zombie late in the game. They are a great nuisance (designed to be so) and usually get taken out early on. The golem, so often left till last, was next on the list. I was waiting for what seemed ages in the Ancient Chamber before anyone did anything to get going. I think the problem was finding a third player but I am not sure.

There were now ten mobiles left. A quick check showed the Wolf remaining (several players knew that already), both skeletons and, strange to say, a stegosaurus. This prehistoric monster is (or was) the one with a double row of plates sticking up on its back. It was a strict herbivore and probably harmless. It was also I expect not very dexterous. However this one in MUD takes a lot of bashing, hits little back and takes time to kill. It seems to have been given a relatively high dex attribute to make it behave in what is perhaps a more realistic manner. I got to it first but was almost immediately joined by a hi-life invisible player. The battle went on and on and I had lost only 10 stam when Stormin joined in. It went on and on and it was killed and I still had lost only 10 stam.

And so it went. The last mobile was skeleton0, whom I came across being taken apart by another, or maybe the same invisible player. By the time I got the command in, it was dead and we were all 3K better off.

Sticking my neck out it might have been more exciting had the Pag or even the Giants? opened. As it was someone might have done the unpopular move and opened up the Redwoods. Like I said we had 45 minutes left.

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Joined: Dec 04, 2012
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From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 29-06-2013 11:33   
Actually the Pagoda DID open about 10 minutes after we were all back sipping tea - presumably as other players had joined - or was Ape0 just watching TV again?

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