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Author Extravaganza!

Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 199
Posted: 22-04-2002 00:08   
To celebrate a year on the Phoenix server, this month's event night held on Thursday 25th April at 9pm (BST) will be an Extravaganza, similar to the Wireplay Extravaganza Event held in March of last year. The event is an all-on-all combat starting at novice level. Every 30 minutes every surviving player receives 25 thousand points and the combat resumes. This is repeated 30 minutes later, then a further 30 minutes later the remaining contestants are transported to the Dragon Isle to finish the battle. The winner is the last person left standing. Players hiding will be encouraged out to join in by the people in the tearoom using a magical Orb.

This event is played with real personae, no sorcerised personae, therefore if you quit accidentally or otherwise you'll be allowed back in the game. Of course by then someone else may have grabbed your kit! Additional items will be added to The Land, but you'll have to work out what they do for yourselves!

Prizes for this event are as follows:

1st prize: 2 free months & 1 years subscription to a gaming or PC magazine* & the event persona
2nd prize: 2 free months & 8000 points on a non-mage persona
3rd prize: 1 free month & 4000 points on a non-mage persona
4th prize: 1 peak-time subscription & 2000 points on a non-mage persona
5th prize: 2 weeks subscription & 1000 points on a non-mage persona

*The magazine subscription will be from a choice of magazines listed on the night.

Good luck!

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