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Author Bash Report 18/07/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 19-07-2013 14:58   

I expected after all the excitement of the race, the bash would be a bit of a damp squid. This was far from the case. There must have been about ten players in all, Well I counted nine on a QW and there must have been some more invis. Among those present was a newbie, Brofin, already a swordsman, who needs a special mention and welcome. The pagoda opened as you would expect with these numbers.

For once I did not go down the well. Someone else did that. I started in the formal garden. Then I had an idea. I thought I might look at the gobs. I managed to snatch a parasol hidden well inside the Evil Wood without getting into any trouble (that gave me a smug feeling) and I set off. Inside the Goblins? caves, there are a few locked doors that impede progress and I realised that I had failed to acquire a key. I therefore limited my efforts the six goblins out of thirteen that I could reach without the need of a key, before using magic to get out. I regard killing just six goblins and leaving the rest as a bad form. I always advocate that, during a bash at least, if you start an area, such as the gobs or the cellar or, for example, under the well, you should clear it out completely. It makes it easier later on. Too many times the bash has been lost because there was just one mobile lurking somewhere deep that everyone had assumed was cleared. I realised that I had the means of opening all these doors in my hand, but I felt this was not as elegant as using a key. These days I am all for elegance.

Back out in the open air, so to speak, I started to chase the Dragonfly (I fancied the prefix) and was surprised to find myself attacking the pike. Then a zombie got in the way and had to be dealt with and then a ram. I never did get the dragonfly. Back in the formal garden I had a long fight with the stag finally overpowering it, then the fox which was a whole lot easier. I now had a key and, feeling guilty about leaving them half done, thought about going back again to to have another go at the goblins. I found there were two paras left: One inside the alpine cottage; the other on the first floor of the pagoda. I have been to the alpine cottage twice (shouldn?t that be a chalet?), both times by sheer fluke and I have never found the way up the pagoda. The paras may as well have been on the Moon. Giving up on that idea. It occurred to me there might be a few apes about. I found a troop of eight in the Cedar Forest. I set about them systematically starting with Ape0. At one stage I found Ape2 and Ape5 knocking seven bells out of each other. I watched for a bit before wading in. It was at this stage that we were told there were only 100 mobiles left alive. Also there was the sound of a dragon dying. The killer was Osterbane, who incidentally had been elected Bash-General and sporting the prefix ?dench? which he had earned by winning the race event the set before. I am pleased that his style of leadership is so similar to my own: Total laissez-faire. In other words letting everybody get on with it, without iunterferrence, on the assumption that they know what they are doing. Yet he still did the dangerous stuff, like the dragon.

I managed four apes in all. The remaining outside four must have been killed by someone else. However apes10 and 11 were inside the temple. And it was now that things got decidedly whoozy . I thought I had taken precautions to be unaffected by the stuff whafting about but obviously I did not do the right thing. Stamming up proved very difficult as I kept waking myself up. Back in the pagoda I discovered that the final ape had been taken care of. I went looking for the monk but he had gone too. At this stage Mosquito the necromancer asked me to help him with the tiger. And I was pleased to do so. It was a long fight before we overcame it. My stam was still fairly high (75/120) and my share of the points was 176. I assume Mosquito got the same. But we had ended up in the Lotus Garden and I was once more overcome this time by the intoxicating scent of the lotus flowers. I suppose I must have still been under the influence from that other rubbish I had inhaled inside the pagoda building. In any event I fell asleep and I was dead lucky it did not happen when I was fighting the tiger.

Then something really strange occurred that I cannot explain. I had a real stam of 120 yet no matter how often or how long I managed to sleep I could not increase my stam beyond 115. I even emitted a bright magenta of light and it made no difference. It stayed like that till the end of the bash.

There were now 75 mobiles left. This included shark1 and the spider and loads and loads of dwarfs. I got ten dwafs and they were all quite easy. The difficult ones were yet to come. But I was lucky there were no stocky ones, no hefty ones and no burly ones. They had all been taken out. The first ?serious? dwarfs I came across were the king and queen. There was no hope of tackling them separately as they were both together in the King?s Study. I managed to kill the queen before attempting to flee. I decided it was time to go when my stam was 26 but by the time I got the command in it was 13. However on the way out I touched the fire and my stam dropped to exactly 1. I made the mistake of trying to take all my kit with me. It was not working even with several attempts. I was now in total panic. Eventually I saw sense and simply f o?d followed by an immediate resite. I was now safe in my secret hide-away that everyone knows about and stamming back up.

I had to recover my kit and I was not so sure that the king had not picked up my staff. I found it in the King?s Study with a load of treasure. I simply grabbed all and once again burnt myself on the fire. (I will never learn!). Being mindful of how kind other players were to me when I started, I left the treasure at the Mine Entrance for Brofin. But he told me it had gone by the time he got there. However I did manage to unload a quantity on him when I found him asleep and a warm glow ran through me.

I think the last mobile had to be the Golem as it so often is. Folly organised this and went ?in?. We left two icons in the hut for Brofin. I am not sure whether he found them. I hope he did.

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 19-07-2013 16:18   
~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 19-07-2013 20:41   
I got there late and when I entered the tearoom the position was as follows:

Elizabethan tearoom.
Arnie the warlock is here holding a cup of tea.
Jarlaxle the necromancer is here holding a cup of tea.
Wearing some goggles around his neck, Heiach the biohazard wizard is here.
Shazam the sorceress is here holding a cup of tea.
Cenedra the mage is here holding a cup of tea.
Heiach the biohazard wizard
Folly the necromancer=
Osterbane the dench, bash-general warrior
Arnie the warlock-
Jarlaxle the necromancer
Shazam the sorceress
Zedar the warrior
Kiwi the necromancer
Brofin the swordsman
Mosquito the necromancer
Royston the necromancer-
Cenedra the mage#

89 alive, 209 dead.

*Heiach the biohazard wizard shouts "89 in 59!".

The following players have died in fights this reset:
Osterbane the dragon-slaying, dench, bash-general superhero, killed
by the shark.

I went north to try to help out. As did Shazam who selflessly volunteered to try to fill Osterbane's boots when Osterbane had to quit.

The Pagoda was open, and I wasn't sure if anyone was taking care of the upper floors. I decided to check, and killed the Ghost and the Mongoose. I left the Phoenix because it scares me. Mosquito was north, he'd be able to take care of it. After nearly killing all of the upper floor mobiles, I bravely ventured into the courtyard and killed the Carp. Once I was sure someone else had already killed the Tiger.

The sv count fell quickly, and in no time at all (well, about 50 minutes or so) we were down to 5 mobiles left. Royston is lethal with that staff.

As usual, the last few mobs were predictable. Golem, Wolf, Goblin11, Goblin12, you know how it goes.

Anyway, they all died and every one got 3k. I'll try to get there on time next week*

*I'm probably going to be late again.

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Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 19-07-2013 22:55   
I regard killing just six goblins and leaving the rest as a bad form.

Its funny Royston..... I started checking what was left when the SV was getting quite low and was surprised to find some gobs still alive. As I raced thru the cave I clearly recall thinking "Tut, Tut, What would Royston say about this?" !!!
"there are things we do not know we don't know." - Someone must have been talking about MUD

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
Posts: 141
Posted: 20-07-2013 01:14   
It was fun . After killing the butterfly all on my own I teamed up with Oster and Brofin for part of the Keep, Royston for the tiger, and Folly for two undead. Shazam appeared for the ghoul and the wolf.

And, I had a chance to try out a weapon that I seldom see:

*A sharp-pointed javelin lies here.

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 20-07-2013 13:07   

On 19-07-2013 22:55, kiwijock wrote:
"Tut, Tut, What would Royston say about this?" !!!

Yes. You've heard it all before. Luckily most players take no notice of my rants.

What was unusual on this occasion was that G11 and G12 were the ones left. They are usually the ones to go first right at the start of the set during the kitting out phase.

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 346
Posted: 21-07-2013 17:17   

On 19-07-2013 14:58, royston wrote:
Then something really strange occurred that I cannot explain.

Actually not a bug.

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