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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 25/07/2013+
Author Bash report 25/07/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 26-07-2013 15:43   

We started off with just three players: Shineon the Necromancer, who had been sipping air in the Tearoom, Zedar the Hero and me also at Necromancer. With this few number, I had my doubts that it would be a successful Bash. Folly joined us later as did Po.

After kitting up I started setting up the pillar. As in the past when fighting the Basilisk, I had had either my brass monkey stolen by it or suddenly been unblinded, I presumed by it. I now tend to blind myself and also hang on to the bm. A sort of belt and braces job. After killing the Bas. I found that I was no longer holding the bm AND I magically regained my sight. Had this happened a short while earlier I would have suffered a silly death from the Bas. I have now come to the conclusion that like any other spell BLIND has a time limit before it wears off, even if you blind yourself. There must be another of facing the Basilisk. Wasn?t there someone who polished up his shield and used it as a mirror? I might just ?wh shield? next time I travel north.

Next on the agenda came the Goblins. I dealt with them all in turn without any mishaps. On the way out I came across Zedar on the wrong side of the portcullis, asking me to get him out. This was one of only two interactions I had with other players during this set.

Meanwhile I heard a noise that told me that someone had gone into the Mine and were about to engage the dwarfs. There had also been the noise of a wolf dying and I knew from that that someone had probably gone to the Island and sure enough, soon after, there was the further noise of the dragon dying. So things were progressing.

Next on my agenda came the water snakes. All six were successfully killed. It just takes a bit of time. On the North Mountain I got the pony and the snowbird. I also found a marmot. OK I admit I had to get my maps out to reach it.

Amazingly when there were 50 mobiles remaining we still had 46 minutes of time left. Not quite the ?perfect ratio? of 1 to 1, but pretty close. A win was starting to look possible.

Somewhat recklessly, I started to think about the Vampire and decided it was time to introduce ourselves to one another. I had worked out a unique weapon, but this turned out to be no weapon at all. The first round went to me. The Vampire fled and I gained just 19 points. But I did get its kit of course. Second round went to the V. This time I fled and it cost me 1,494 points. But I took the kit with me. Third round also went to the V. I fled on 26 stam. And this cost me a further 1,427 points. I decided enough was enough, for now anyway.

I was now being called to help with the icons. I was requested to go to the AC. Now I always confuse the AC with the HC. I went in through the cave and when I reached the end I could not get in because it was occupied. Believing I had got it wrong again, I made my way under the yew where I found that chamber also occupied. This time I did a scan from the temple and discovered I had been right first time and so made my way wearily back to the cave. This all wastes time and exasperates other players I know. Now the AC was empty. In time I duly swamped my icon.

Meanwhile the Vampire had been killed by someone else. I made my way back to the Evil Wood where I found Po and Zedar fighting the wraith. The wraith had been getting in my way continuously when I was chasing the vampire and I was very happy to wade in. I did finish up with just 12 stam and therefore neglected to follow it when it fled. Leaving it up to the other two to finish it off.

Suddenly there was just the Keep left. The wyvern wasn?t there but there was a griffin on the fourth floor and, I presumed a maiden and a few crows beyond. I was with Zedar on the first floor of the Keep and we were about to take the necessary steps to reach the second, when the bash was declared to be all over and we had killed all the mobiles. I cannot explain this, when no one had got further than the first floor of the Keep but perhaps it is better not to enquire too deeply. Just one of MUD?s mysteries I suppose.

My final score for this game was 2,896 points including the 3k bonus. I put this entirely down from twice fleeing from the vampire.

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 26-07-2013 17:38   
Bash reports truly are what make a bash.
Thanks, Roy.

~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 26-07-2013 23:05   
Good Report as usual Royston, but should you really be displaying a 'secret' re how to deal to the basilisk? It took me ages to work that one out originally - now all I'd have to do would be read your post!!!

As for the keep, several of us (Zedar, Po and Shineon) were on the 4th floor dealing to the the Griffin and 'friends' - that must have been while you were down below - however it was not quite 'normal' The crows were circling the griffin and 'someone' was invisible. The maiden was not around so I am going to use the infamous phrase "Wiz Interference" to explain how the maiden (assumed) had come down to see the griffin and gone invisible!!!

A rather enjoyable bash - I've never seen so many co-bashgenerals!

Gaia the infinite wizard
Heiach the biohazard wizard
Cenedra the mage
Folly the co-bash-general necromancer
Po the co-bash-general sorcerer
Shineon the dragonfly-slaying, co-bash-general necromancer
Royston the co-bash-general necromancer
Zedar the co-bash-general superhero

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 26-07-2013 23:41   

On 26-07-2013 23:05, kiwijock wrote:
, but should you really be displaying a 'secret' re how to deal to the basilisk? I

Sorry. Sometimes it is difficult not to give things away. I try not to. And I take your point. But I thought how to deal with the Bas. is one of the more obvious solutions. I suppose having a basic knowledge of heraldic beasts and monsters and what they represent helps as does reading up about greek and roman mythology.

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 346
Posted: 28-07-2013 01:11   

On 26-07-2013 23:41, royston wrote:
Sorry. Sometimes it is difficult not to give things away.

It's easy, just assume other players mostly only know what their friends/relatives told them, and adjust accordingly e.g.

After killing the basilisk with the icicle I killed the other 150 mobiles too, including the moth, which I eventually summoned out of "the attic", after spending 10 mins searching for that room in the scriptorium (by spamming explore), the end.

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