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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 01/08/2013
Author Bash Report 01/08/2013

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 02-08-2013 17:03   

It started off conventionally enough till it came to the business with the pillar. Two players started to hit each other over something I think happened in the previous set. It was all rather unpleasant. Then the pillar was nowhere to be seen. It was found in an adjoining room and for a while there was all utter confusion. But it got sorted out and I went back to my half-finished goblins.

When they had all been accounted for, I made my way to the cellar and the rats. Now guarding myself against attack, I like to deal with rat0 on its own then four rats at a time that way I can avoid a flee and stam up when I need to. I do realise that looking upon all twenty-two rats as a single entity and having to flee once or even twice you end up with a positive score for the whole event. I think that is how most players look at it but I prefer it my way. On this occasion I was down to the last eight. Suddenly Folly, who had been elected Bash-General, closely followed by Shineon, burst in and slaughtered the lot.

It fell to me to face the dragon. This went without a hitch and was surprisingly fast.

Now on a high, I ventured into the dwafen realm. I need not have flooded the mine since as I got right into the Citadel I found most of the dwarfs were not there. There were just a few of the Guard Dwarfs left, and these were being merciless beaten up by Folly and Trantor. I did join in and help just a bit. The dwarf queen was also about and had to be dealt with. I managed to swamp the throne. I know ?no swamping during a bash?! (How many times have I said that?) On my way to the swamp I passed Osterbane now reduced to yeoman. I would have given him the throne had I not been rushing through the land and dashed past him. It appears that at Champion level, he had been killed by Adria the Sorceress. Still I did suggest to him a visit to the Dwarfs? Treasure Room might be fruitful in his present state.

There were only a few odd mobiles about now. I found the swan. I think the last one was the Golem. I forgot to pick up my icon, I was so intent to get back to the Tearoom.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
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Posted: 02-08-2013 21:48   
Cheers Roy,

Great write up as always. Nice work with the dragon. I left four icons in the hut but I think I got one back from a vial I'd been saving.

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