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Author Bash Report 15/08/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 16-08-2013 12:28   

This bash was fought by just two players Nameless the Necromancer (who later made it to Warlock) and me, and I have my suspicions about Nameless.

I have very little experience (to say the least) of playing at Warlock level and experimented a bit. I went invisible and was surprised to be attacked by rats.

After the dragon, which once again went uneventfully, I went down first after the goblins, only to be told they had all been killed by Nameless, then after the dawrfs, only to find I could not get past the gateway. I resorted to the formal garden and steadily went through what mobiles I could find. Meanwhile Nameless was doing all the more difficult ones like the skeletons.

The sea life proved problematical. Firstly I got muddled and went too far west from the Jetty and drowned (a move that cost me 1,122 points). I came back in and picked my kit up on the Island, opening the Fairy ring at the same time. Back on land I killed the wolf. Somehow I had forgotten the water snakes and being reminded literally waded in but found most of them already killed by Nameless.

Up now on the North Mountain, taking a wrong direction on Rocky Scramble I died another silly death (-1,100 points) looking for the Snowbird and the Pony.

Back in the game Nameless shouted for a boat as he was stuck at Vicious Rocks. I found a boat for him and this time on my way from the jetty, I must have double tapped the string directions to Vicious Rocks as I shot passed Nameless, passed by the North Part of the Isle of Woe, two more bits of sea and the drowned yet again. (-1,078 points). So far I had lost more than the 3K bonus awarded at a successful outcome of the bash and even then a successful outcome seemed remote.

Back in the game once more, Heiach said there was only one mobile left alive and I had to revise my opinion. But then I realised that it could only be the Golem. I could see no way forward without help as there were only two players. However the last mobile turned out not to be the Golem but Gast. Obviously a sympathetic wiz had made the substitution to give the Bash a chance to succeed. And finally succeed it did.

Not counting the 3K, I gained only 959 points during the whole bash. Not one of my best efforts. If the truth were known Nameless killed about 80% of the mobiles; I just about managing the rest and the easier ones.

Gast was a surprise; still it could have been Creeper.

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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
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From: I can't remember!
Posted: 26-08-2013 15:44   
A creeper *can* be arranged. *evil grin*

From behind you, you hear a foreboding "Tssssssss...".
There is a sudden explosion and everything is blown to bits - including you!

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