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Author Kung Fu Fighting?

Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 27-08-2013 05:14   
What seems like a long time ago now I was on holiday (end of January!) and was reliant on a somewhat wobbly 3G connection. Because of the frequent lag and general unreliability I started a new persona ? Crazydimnd. I just found this log while going thru my hard drive - it demonstrates two things to me??.

1) Lag can catch you unawares (hand up who didn?t know that!)
2) Be not afraid of the Golem ? it?s a wimp

I have edited it a little for readability

Hallowed chamber.

You tell your listeners "ok".
*A male voice in the distance shouts "med".
You feel a great tranquillity filling your being, which subsides gradually as you cease your meditation and learn that you are in a strange place...

Outer sanctum.

You are carrying the following:

You find yourself in the outer sanctum of some strange, holy temple. All about you, the walls seem to be a hazy, formless blackness, but there is a visible opening to the north whence comes an eerie, golden light. A golem of solid iron stands here as guardian of the Inner Sanctum.

*The golem is snarling at you ominously...
The force of your copybook, low blow makes the golem stumble."
Damage range: 5-9.
*You are proficiently dazed by a spirited lunge by the golem.
The savageness of your talented, low blow makes the golem groggy.
Damage range: 10-14.
The golem looks superficially injured.
The golem is stricken by the quickness of your deliberate blow.
Damage range: 1-4.
The golem looks superficially injured.

* You easily catch the golem with a merciless spurt.
Damage range: 10-14.
The golem looks to have minor injuries.
Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "just quit and come back in".

You indifferently resist a limp thrust by the golem.
The ruthlessness of your clean bite makes the golem stagger back.
Damage range: 15-19.
The golem looks covered in wounds.
You are stricken by the violence of a skillful assault from the golem.
Your puny, low blow is easily fended off by the golem.
The speed of a well-timed combination of blows by the golem makes you reel.

Then after a while?

The golem looks seriously injured.
With quick thinking, you parry a wild spurt by the golem.
The golem accidentally disposes of your hasty, glancing blow.
You are troubled by the heftiness of a well-disguised, low blow from the golem.
The strength of your well-placed display of courage makes the golem ache.
Damage range: 5-9.

Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "meet at hut?".

The golem looks critically injured.

Damage range: 5-9.
The golem looks close to death.
You are somehow worried by a savage piece of fighting by the golem.
You are very easily hit by a heavy blow from the golem.
The golem is numbed by the viciousness of your capable, glancing blow.
Damage range: 10-14.
You have killed the golem.

You have completed a Task. This makes a total of 1.
(Persona saved on +100 = 3,555).
(Persona saved on +112 = 3,667).
The golem has just passed on.

Elizabethan tearoom.

Crazydimnd the hero
Blackheart the necromancer
Rapscalion the necromancer
You tell your listeners "I told you i was lagging!!!! I guess thats why I
ended up in there".
*Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "well, it worked out okay <g>, and you
needed the points more than us".
*Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "was it close?".
You tell your listeners "I had no wp - so did him barehanded ? was left with 23
*Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "you could have just fled out and quit".
Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "we could have tried again..i tried to say something to you <g>;".
Rapscalion the necromancer tells you "but it worked out okay in the end....".

You tell your listeners "but that would not have lived up to my name ".

You are currently level 5 (hero). You need 1,825 more points to reach level 6

I?d go on to describe the joys of fighting the Ram barehanded (haven?t we all had to do that before you even get to your wp after just arriving in the land!), but won?t.

WARNING ? your mileage may vary??..

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
Posts: 142
Posted: 27-08-2013 07:44   
Might be time to register those hands as lethal weapons at the local police station

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 27-08-2013 10:55   
......and there I was wondering who in their right mind takes their holiday at the end of January. DOH :

Let's face it that Golem is a pussy cat.

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