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Author Bash Report 29/8/13 +

Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 30-08-2013 01:55   
G?day Mates

Thought I?d give you a quick write up on what me and a couple of me cuzzie bro?s got up to in this week?s bash!

Very few cobbers were around when the reset happened and I think that at the get go only Kiwi and Mosquito went North. Ahti did join in at some point but I I?m not clear exactly when.

I guess it was due to the small numbers - I?d have to acknowledge that Gaia was assisting a lot with a number of unusual happenings ? just prior to the reset we had seen the dragon, a giant and several crowns appear in the tea room! That along with the ?strange things? happening suggest that the infinite wizard may have been experimenting in a local wizard?s workshop and may perchance inhaled the fumes from a particularly strong potion that had yet to make it into the vial23!

Back in the bash, we were told early on that the dwarfs were ?done? but that we might get ?the boss? to contend with and a ?hard fight? ? we never did find out what that meant! The pillar party happened as if by magic and we continued on our individual ways.

The bees stopped making honey almost straight away, and I think most of the insects ?took flight? soon after. The Zombies were swarming early on but were soon out of the way. I headed off to do the goblins. The dragon?s death roar came thanks to Mosquito. Mosquito took out the thief and I dispatched the ram ? straight to the meat works ? honestly they make the ewes tougher than that out here bro! With them out of the way Mosquito and I went off to the evil wood and dispatched the twins. Mosquito improvised a traditional weapon for the cloaked one having borrowed my dagger and soon I was in possession of the cape and a couple of other pieces courtesy of old pointy teeth! Nice work crippling it Mosquito ? way to go! The wraith fell with only a whimper.

Not sure where Mosquito went next ? but I hit he ogre for six before running slap bang in Sk1 in the middle of my way to the well. Soon a pile of bones littered the forest floor. I set about clearing the snakes ? when suddenly:

*Antimagic the protector has just arrived.

They ran off and got the LS which they asked to swap for my dagger ? who was I to refuse?

Finishing the snakes I head up for the pony and the lynx ? I think Mosquito must have been in the formal gardens.

Around this point checking the participant the list looked like:
Gaia the infinite wizard
Ahti the spellbinder
Kiwi the dragonfly-slaying, surrealist warlock
Mosquito the dragon-slaying necromancer
Mrme the Mr Manmr lady mr lady guest

Not everyone ventured north

Teaming up again with Mosquito we cleared the keep (by which time Ahti was with us) and I grabbed Valetant. Now here is a dilemma ? Having Valetant and LS ? what to do ? decisions decisions. I dropped it at the hut and headed off. At the swamp Ahti decided to accompany me so 1st stop was the hut ? suitably armed we headed off to do some euthanasia on the geriatric one, followed by the second bone bag. Mosquito did the third skelly so that was them all out of the way.

Ahti and I headed into the dwarfen realm ? despite having been told earlier they were ?done?. The surlies appeared to disappear mysteriously before we got there so we took a brief interlude to dispatch the ghoul we headed back thru the mine for some more. The statement earlier about the DWs being done proved to be somewhat untrue as we had to bash quite a few of the hairy little beggars!

Mosquito had been busy with sea life, puss and piglet ? I found the canary still lurking ? but not for long.

It was time for the Golem ? then ? back to the rest of the remainder of the short hairy ones. All three of us mopping up the remainder to claim the bonus. Not sure we had much time left!

Enjoyable, messy, and mysterious!!!!

"there are things we do not know we don't know." - Someone must have been talking about MUD

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Joined: Mar 20, 2011
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Posted: 30-08-2013 08:24   
Last night didnt happen... SHHHHHH dont tell anyone.

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Joined: Jan 23, 2002
Posts: 368
From: Somewhere you don't want to go!
Posted: 01-09-2013 20:33   
All I know is, Kiwi joins a bash, the ram looks nervous!!!! Especially if he has a magic user and changes it to a ewe!

How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots? It's not fair to deny me, the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me. You otter know!!!

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 305
Posted: 02-09-2013 10:24   
Great write-up. Thanks
~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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