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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 07/11/2013+
Author Bash Report 07/11/2013+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 08-11-2013 13:11   

Things started off well enough for me when I converted from Champion to Sorcerer just before the Bash started. I was given all the help I could hope for.

Those in the Tearoom at the start were Cenedra the Mage, Stompy the Mage and Shineon the Warlock. I would have felt out of my depth had Pushover the Sorcerer not been there. This promised to be a great Bash. Running the event was the ever present Heiach - no longer a Wizard ? for some reason known only to himself now a Witch. Sorry, that should be HERSELF.

When it came to it, no mages went North but Razzle the sorcerer, who was, I guess, an alternative persona for one of them, did. He was to be a great help and ally during the set. Shineon, now the highest ranker was elected Bash-General. Osterbane the Yeoman put in an appearance in the Tearoom. But I do not believed he ventured further after last week's experience.

I kitted up as best I could. I managed to find my favourite weapon (there are better ones, I know) but no key. Nevertheless I ventured into the Goblins Lair an managed to extricate myself after killing just six of them. I now found that the PC was open and so could approach the remaining goblins from a different direction. After a successful bout with G10, I had a usable key which enabled me to reach those remaining.

A QW showed that Thwomp the Necromancer had put in an appearance and Razzle was badgering me to help with the Golem. I should have agreed.

Now as per my usual strategy it was the turn of the rats. Those taken care of, my eye was firmly on the dragon.

After having no difficulties at all disposing of the dragon for months, the last three or four days have been beset with them. Mostly it was my own fault, falling into the sea, going S to the Bay without a boat and facing the dragon with empty hands are just three examples. But on this occasion it clearly was not my fault. First of all I spent a great of time looking for a boat in the Pine Forest, then found the chart was missing. I got to the Vicious Rocks and did an automatic 'wh chart' every minute but it continued not to be found. Heiach appeared, the way he does. I thought he was going to give me the chart but he thrust a new weapon, a 'mage-slaying sword' in my hand and disappeared. Eventually Thwomp gave me the directions to the Island. But my troubles were not yet over. At sea, just south of the bay, I bumped into an ichthyosaurus which blocked me. Suddenly I shot north on the last command of the string input, to what should have been the sheltered Bay. But instead of reaching it, I drowned at Sea. Looking at the log I still can't understand it.

Back in the game, Heiach whisked me to the Concealed Inlet where all my kit had washed up and forced several wafers down my throat. This time when the ichthyosaurus blocked me, I went for it in total confidence with the mage-slaying sword. I was doing OK. The creature was covered in wounds and I still had plenty of stamina when Shark1 joined in. It was all over before I could type 'F n'. This time I was not just dead. I was dead-dead.

Back in the Land the first mobile I came across was Z10. I disposed of it quickly. I had been doted on by Heiach up to Warrior (with a real stam of 90) so it wasn't too difficult.

Razzle suggested it was time to do the Golem. And, as usual, it took a bit of time for me to get into position because, as usual, I confused the Ancient Chamber with the Hallowed Chamber. But in the outcome I was given two icons which helped no end.

But there was still the dragon to come to terms with. Expecting to find the necessary item on the Island, I set off. But I was recalled by Razzle who had recovered it. He also blinded the ichthosaurus and the shark. This enabled me to sneak past them. The dragon took a bit of hunting to find. When I did so Thwomp, now a protector, was there with it. Then he wasn't. The business with the dragon went off well and I made my way back to the mainland.

Wandering about, a bit aimlessly, I discovered that the Pagoda was open. Exploring the grounds I came across ape1. Attempting to attack it with a weapon, I was surprised that I was not holding one. The ape had stolen my sword! I tried several times to steal it back till it became angry enough to attack me with it. Fortunately Pushover came along and joined in with his valetant. The ape fled and I got my sword back. I don't know where the ape got to. It must have run through several rooms and disappeared. Pushover was still about carrying the Eagle.

Now this sharp pain which I cannot explain:

*Razzle the necromancer tells you "dirs to isle?".
*Shineon the?bash-general?warlock shouts "on sh0".
*You feel a sudden, sharp pain shooting through your chest.

And someone set off a load of fireworks (left over from Guy Fawkes Night, I suspect).

I took no further part in anything though I did a comprehensive search of the Pagoda Grounds and checked on the Watersnakes. Two of the last three mobiles left alive were the Phoenix and the mongoose. So there was nothing I could do to help here. But the very last one was the dove. Very odd.

The following players have died in fights this reset:
Thwomp the protector, killed by?the dragon,
Royston the sorcerer, killed by?the ichthyosaurus?and?the shark.
The following have died to FODs from mortals this reset:
Thwomp the sorcerer, violently disintegrated by a failed attempt to FOD someone.

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 08-11-2013 21:55   
Stompy claims he was active during the whole of the bash. I have no reason to disbelieve him.

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Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 09-11-2013 19:21   
Stompy was definitely around - doing one of the things he does best - killing lots of dwarfs! And at the end he was 'syned' as Ape13 just to add confusion!!!!! I suspect this was due to happenings in the TR just prior to the set
"there are things we do not know we don't know." - Someone must have been talking about MUD

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