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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Giants Bash Report - 6/3/14+
Author Giants Bash Report - 6/3/14+

Joined: Aug 02, 2012
Posts: 148
Posted: 07-03-2014 01:01   
Just a quick note. It was a win with about 530 seconds to spare.

Some notes scribbled while on the run:

5 people went North (Seifer, Folly, Pushover, Zog and Bluestone).
Folly was elected Bash General (new bash slogan? We bash for beer).
One warlock died fighting 2 giants at once.
The dwarves escaped early and stayed late.
The chart did not disappear.
(.) - a bit of graffiti in the tearoom.

We missed ya Kiwi! Thanks to Hawumph and Heiach for putting it on.

Here is a qw list half way through:

Hawumph the onomatopoeic arch-wizard
Heiach the chimerical wizard
Misuzu the spellbindress
Seifer the giant-killed spellbinder
Cenedra the anti-social mage
Zog the superhero
Pushover the warlock
Folly the giant-killing, bash-general warlock
Bluestone the mage-basher necromancer
Pippin the hero

I hope that everyone else will fill in with what they were up to.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 320
Posted: 07-03-2014 20:11   
Bash report? OK I'll have a go.

I started the bash as normal with a trip to get key53, killing anything that got in the way.

*Hawumph the onomatopoeic arch-wizard shouts "I'm going to move those bees
one day!".

Next I grabbed a couple of vials before deciding to waste time chasing the magpie around some foothills instead of kitting up. Kit is overrated. Saying that, I did beat Roy to the staff. A mean-looking billy goat bared its teeth at me, disapprovingly. I smashed its head in with the staff.

Everyone met up for the pillar before continuing with their bash, doing their own thing. I went into the scriptorium to see if anyone in there had a spare wafer. While negotiating with the Hunchback over wafer ownership rights I heard some shouts:

*A male voice in the distance shouts "who stole my staff?".

Sorry Roy!

*For your information: the period of voting has ended. The result was

*Heiach the chimerical wizard shouts "with a landslide of votes in his
favour (or pizza) Folly is your general!".

*A female voice in the distance shouts "i voted pizza. sorry fols ".

I'd been voted General. My army were clearly idiots. And I now wanted pizza. I decided to celebrate my promotion by having a short nap.

After waking up, and since I was now the bash general I thought I'd better get back to killing stuff. I'd not heard the giants open (good soundproofing in that CBC) but apparently they were out and about. The sv was up to 203. Zog helped me open the portcullis and the assault on the Giants' area of the land commenced.

I started my attack from the north, and it turns out Seifer was also attacking from the west. With the giants forced to defend a classic pincer movement our victory was certain. The tactics were perfect. What could possibly go wrong?

*In the distance, you hear a bell toll.
Seifer has died, thereby leaving house "MA".
*For your information: the giant0 is worth 2,116 points if killed.
*For your information: the giant1 is worth 2,092 points if killed.


All four giants still alive and we're already one warlock down. It was time to find a weapon upgrade.

You have killed the goblin38.
(+40 = 65,692).
A mighty, two-handed sword glimmers here with subdued fury.

Giant3 was the first to fall, along with a lot of his goblin friends. And the chickens. Highlight of a giant bash for me, those chickens. I don't know what everyone else was doing but I was mostly chasing after goblins and chickens. I cleared a path to Giant2 and killed that one next. I wasn't going to go anywhere near Giant0 and Giant1 though. I'm not that stupid.

The sv hit 100 left and the fate of the bash was in the balance. Could the mortals go on to salvage a win against the odds? There was only one thing to do. We had to call on our secret weapon to deal with the last two giants. It was time to send in Seifer for a rematch.


*For your information: there are 100 mobiles still alive.
(+150 = 68,182).
*In the distance, you hear an incredibly loud >*B*O*O*M*<.
*wh giant
Your spell doesn't find any.
98 alive, 199 dead.

98 left in not sure how long, I killed five fireflies. 93 left. We started gaining some momentum. I moved on to the Pagoda and picked a fight with an ape. Things were going well, Zog, Pushover and Bluestone were battling away. Pushover beat up three Goblins in the East part of circular cavern and I finished them off. I think we had help from anonymous necro Heresiarch the necromancer. I have absolutely no idea who that could have been... The giant area was pretty much done (G44 tried to hide, but Pushover spotted him) and we were down to 32 mobs in 34 minutes.

I think the final mobs in the Giant area were the drake, rat22, rat 23. I then went for a run around the Dwarfs. I knew they'd all be dead, it was just a quick check to make sure.

Dwarf guard room.
The door is open. A war trophy depicting a dwarfen battle scene lies at your
Low passage.
The door is open.
Ministerial room.
The door is open. A closed lacquer box of obvious value has been placed
Dwarf guard room.
The oaken door is locked shut. A surly dwarf guard (dwarf9) blocks your way.
A surly dwarf guard (dwarf10) blocks your way. A surly dwarf guard (dwarf11)
blocks your way.

Oops. Luckily, with the help of Seifer again, they were not too much problem in the end.

Back in the Pagoda there were still some apes running around which Zog was fighting and various other Pagoda mobs still alive. I ventured upstairs. Hello Phoenix. Meet two-handed sword.

(*)You hit something (30-39).
Something hits you (76/110).
(*)You miss something.
Something misses you.
(*)You hit something (15-19).
You have killed the phoenix.
(+110 = 70,990).
For your information: there are 10 mobiles still alive.

Not sure what else was alive but the last few mobs I knew about were

Giant Snake

The last mob was the Golem and everyone got the 3k with plenty of time left considering how things were looking early on in the reset.

Thanks to Heiach and Hawumph for overseeing things. A very enjoyable reset.

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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
Posts: 530
From: I can't remember!
Posted: 09-03-2014 15:37   

Thanks to Hawumph and Heiach for putting it on.

Hey, what did Hawumph even do?!

Damn you getting credit... stupid Hawups!

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
Posts: 148
Posted: 13-03-2014 00:28   

Hey, what did Hawumph even do?!

I heard him whoop

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Joined: Apr 28, 2010
Posts: 154
Posted: 15-03-2014 13:42   
Now that was a memorable bash and a report

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