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Author Bash Report 16/4/15 +

Joined: Dec 04, 2012
Posts: 238
From: Auckland, NZ
Posted: 17-04-2015 04:40   
After a wiz reset by an anonymous wiz Kennymck and Akame went north - leaving Ahti as usual in the tea room. At least this was double the turn out last week! Usual sort of start, bees , pillar, I did the wses and Nth Mtn - Akame complained about a lot of MOs attacking him - namely the vampire and sk1 - I wonder how he got them so annoyed - maybe he was nicking their stuff, tsk tsk......

After spending way too much time invisible for a Sorcerer Akame headed off to do the dwarfs, I did the rats then had to find the CC for the obvious reason - and boy was it moving about - showing up in odd places on a where spell - then finally appearing to settle with Akame - it was almost like he was running around invisible but it wasn’t.....

Tried a few silly things like attacking skellys and sea life without wafers and had to flee from sk1 and it was just as well Akame arrived to help with shark0 cos i could have faced a watery end there!

It seemed like no time at all and we were down to the last 2 - Golem of course - and a snail which this week had chosen to be in the well room - somewhat inaccessible so I tried a summon - and couldn't believe it when it went like this:

summon snail
Your spell worked!
The snail has been summoned.
A rather ordinary garden snail is here.
*The snail has just left.

k mo f wp
I don't know to what "mobile" you're referring.

wh snail
1 in the place known as "yard".
*Akame the dragonfly-slaying necromancer tells you "summoned it lol"

That left you know who in the sanctum. Ahti was still around but paying no attention to pleas to join in so Akame and Kennymck went looting all over the land getting as many points as were easily hoovered up - when all of a sudden.....

Someone powerful has dropped you in the place known as "outer sanctum". And the rest, as they say is history....... (the golem died).

Thanks to Akame and the mysterious (powerful) presence who never showed his face - it was good to get a bash completed (well sort of).

I have decided that AHTI is actually the "Automatic Holographic Tearoom Inhabitant" a cunning ploy created by Foddy and Turrican to remain the the tearoom at all times to make it seem like there is always someone around - and which reports back to them.......
"there are things we do not know we don't know." - Someone must have been talking about MUD

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Joined: Apr 28, 2010
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Posted: 20-04-2015 22:20   
end.... it... all..

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