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Joined: Jan 23, 2002
Posts: 366
From: Somewhere you don't want to go!
Posted: 16-08-2002 08:02   
I think what we have here is a spate of mobile bash records. Previously a probable speed record (anyone had that officially verified yet???), and last night, probably the closest to success and yet a failure ever.

How is this so? Well it got right down to the skeleton0, Jah fled it as it was on close to death, and WHAMMO, reset. A great effort and lots of fun to watch.

Honourable mentions by the way to Gilgamesh for killing loads, Jah for taking the risk late in the reset unkitted, and Undertaker the Bash General, for burying the mobiles!

Unfortunately he buries them alive, they need to be more dead - still - he'll get the hang of it.

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Joined: Sep 01, 2001
Posts: 13
Posted: 16-08-2002 16:07   
After Jah fled I tried to kill the sk0 (as Gilgamesh) in the last 30 seconds. Here's the log of how close the bash was to success...

Fossil room.
There is a large, gaping crack in the west wall. A sturdy staff lies within
easy reach. Strewn before you is a gothic-looking, oppressively black cape.
A well-worn gold ring lies over to one side. A beautiful, iridescent
firestone (firestone3) glows nearby. An animated skeleton (skeleton0) bars
your way. The skeleton0 is carrying a rapier. The fossilised remains of a
small finger bone lie here.
*k mo f wp
You attack the skeleton0, using Valetant as a weapon.
*You miss the skeleton0.
The skeleton0 hits you (84/105).
The skeleton0 has started to use the rapier to fight!
*You hit the skeleton0 (5-9).
The skeleton0 looks seriously damaged.
The skeleton0 hits you (69/105).
*g cape
Cape taken.
*You hit the skeleton0 (15-19).
The skeleton0 looks critically damaged.
The skeleton0 hits you (65/105).
*wear cape
You are enveloped by the thick folds of the cape!
*g ring
Ring6 taken.
*You hit the skeleton0 (10-14).
The skeleton0 looks close to expiry.
The skeleton0 hits you (50/105).
*wear ring
It's not a perfect fit, but it's still rather swanky!
*Something magical is happening.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 16-08-2002 19:34   

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