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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Things about MUD2 that don't make sense
Author Things about MUD2 that don't make sense

Joined: Mar 05, 2002
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Posted: 13-12-2019 17:52   
If you're reading this, chances are you're a longtime player of MUD2. However, there's always the possibility that a few newer players might want to check out MUD2 to see what the defining text-based MUD is like, and in doing so they might notice a few things about it that are weird.

Let's face it. When we actually THINK about certain elements in MUD2, they don't really make a lot of sense.

The most obvious is dropping treasure in the swamp for points. Now why is the swamp a place to drop treasure, as opposed to, say, a trophy case or an offering tray to the forces behind the universe? It's never explained in the game itself. True, some say that the swamp is magical and bestows its magical enhancement on people who drop valuables there, and/or is inhabited by magical spirits who do so, but these are just justifications invented by various wizzes over the decades MUD2 has been in existence: The text of MUD2, as far as I know, does not confirm or deny this.

Then there are the spells. It'd be tedious if one couldn't GLOW and be INVIS at the same time, but it certainly isn't realistic. That one can be chalked up to one of the game's Acceptable Breaks From Reality.

Some of the other things that don't make sense can be chalked up to the lack of backstory that leaves things entirely up to the player's imagination. Such as why certain things exist in such out-of-the-way locations, and how and why the phoenix got stuck in dark rooms on the upper floor of the pagoda where people can't even see it.

But there are also a few game mechanics that don't really make a lot of sense, but we just roll with it because it's easier and less troublesome than any alternatives.

Can anyone think of other aspects of MUD2 that make them scratch their heads wondering how it makes sense?

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
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Posted: 21-12-2019 11:49   
Well, I believe the idea is to suspend belief, but I was a bit disappointed that once I put a firefly or two in a bottle, that I couldn't carry it around as a makeshift torch.

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