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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 06/11/2020+
Author Bash report 06/11/2020+

Joined: Mar 05, 2002
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Posted: 11-06-2020 22:42   
Well, this bash started with only two active players, Friendly the warlock and Dara the sorceress.

Dara started at the eastern part of The Land, disposing of the fox, the dove, and the piglet early on before getting rid of the mouse. Friendly and Dara teamed up to make short work of several zombies near the graveyard.

Friendly disposed of a number of dwarfs, while Dara fought with the billy goat and a few other surface mobiles. After Friendly dispatched the basilisk, the pillar was used.

Progress on the bash speeded up when Misfit the necromancer joined in.

Soon, rats were disposed of, as Dara disposed of the water-snakes and the north mountain mobiles (with the exception of one which I'll mention later). Misfit, at one point, had to flee from narwhal at the sea.

The bees were dispatched. Soon the keep mobiles fell, as did the remaining east mobiles. The goblins, surprisingly, weren't interfered with until late in the set.

Dara, Friendly, and Misfit all joined together to take on the Evil Wood tag team champions, the vampire and the wraith.

At a late point, Qorth the sorceress showed up. By then, there were only a few mobiles left, sealife, the golem, and one unidentified mobile.

Friendly, Misfit, and Dara joined together to do the puzzle leading to the golem, and the remaining sealife was dispatched. The mystery mobile turned out to be the marmot, one of those rarely-seen additional mobiles whose presence is invoked sometimes when players enter The Land.

Soon, the remaining mobiles were dispatched, and for the first time in a long time, we had a successful mobile bash in The Land. With 23 minutes left to spare.

A very successful bash, indeed. One wonders how later bashes will go.

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