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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Treasure Bash Event! (09/05/2024)
Author Treasure Bash Event! (09/05/2024)

Joined: Oct 31, 2001
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From: I can't remember!
Posted: 03-05-2024 16:10   
There will be a treasure bash this Thursday at 9pm BST!
The objective is to swamp every single piece of treasure in 1 reset!

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
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Posted: 04-05-2024 22:03   
I've never participated a treasure bash before. It sounds challenging, I will try attending on 9th. See folks there!

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Joined: Mar 05, 2002
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Posted: 16-05-2024 18:45   
Writing up the treasure bash event is a tough one. The concept itself is a lot trickier than your standard mobile bash.

Mobile bashes are as straightforward as it gets. A group of players join togethr to rid The Land of all the mobiles in the set before it ends, and then claim the reward for doing so.

Treasure bashes, as will become apparent from the notes I'll post below, are a bit more complicated than that. Especially since in the course of puzzle-solving, not every item of treasure will make it to the swamp: Some will be destroyed, and it's difficult (if not impossible) to find ways around it at times.

In any case, it started off well enough, but things took some unfortunate turns. Instead of the usual format I've used when writing up the mobile bashes, I'll copy and paste from the notes taken from post-bash chat and from Discord.


Today at 6:02 PM
Dara went for the music temple treasures and monastery treasures early on, and then went for the tin ore in the mine. However, she could not get one of the tin ores out of a passage without turning it into bronze, and Heiach was not pleased at her for turning that and even more tin into bronze.

Dara severely underestimated stocky dwarf guards and left them with staff and pick after having to flee. Dara later swamped some pagoda area flowers and herbs, and got the t from the alpine cottage.

Unfortunately, Dara made a mistake at dragon isle, and ended up getting HAWUMPHed. Dara attempted to rebound by swamping lots of t, including some high-level t, and teamed with Folly to do keep. But afterwards, things went wrong again, as the stocky dwarf guards, now stronger from their previous encounter, brought down Dara again.

Dara reached the druid treasure chamber, but was never able to go back and retrieve the chalice because the methods of doing so were not available and she could no longer WH. She also didn't know if it was even right to ask.

(continued next post)

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Joined: Mar 05, 2002
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Posted: 16-05-2024 18:51   
Partly as a consequence of this, Dara was not the only one who had problems with the dwarf guards. From the post-bash chat:

*Heiach the chimerical wizard says "yeah I went into the dwarfs to see which
guards had weapons, I started from the back".
*Folly the warlock laughs.
*Heiach the chimerical wizard says "I was surprised to find the first guards
were still around".
*Zedar the warlock laughs.
*Folly the warlock says "they got two flees off me and probabl should have
killed me twice".
*Heiach the chimerical wizard says "I guess they get promotions now".
*Folly the warlock says "four flees, cos 2 of em".
*Gaia the incorrect warlock says "yea i fled on 5 stam and ended up on 1 in

From Dedfish's Discord notes:

Dedf1sh (resident noob)

Today at 6:18 PM
The dwarf guards became formidable foes over the course of the reset. Dedf1sh was fortunate enough to not stumble upon them herself, but with two flees from Folly, probably a flee from Gaia, and a deceased Dara, they probably were worth a lot of points by the time they perished/the inevitable reset

Some further notes from Dedfish on various parts of the bash:

Dedf1sh (resident noob)

Today at 4:27 PM
Dedf1sh was a bit delayed getting here, but managed to find the pitchfork and the hedgehog casually lying around on the ground, unswamped.
edit: Unfortunately, dedf1sh wasn't aware that the hedgehog was a prerequisite to getting some actual swampable treasure
Dedf1sh also realized that the longsword might pose a problem, seeing as everyone's a magic user. Then again, dedf1sh volunteered to take the L and risk the touchstone later on if nobody else wanted to do it

Dedf1sh managed to get the jar and the beehive from the maze, and then proceeded to loiter in the swamp
but then

Dedf1sh bumbled around a bit, and realized that the keep was completely untouched, so she decided to do what had to be done by her and lead the charge into the keep. She nearly got killed by the wyvern, but managed to flee in the nick of time. Unfortunately, due to getting poisoned and dropping her medicine as she fled, she opted to qq rather than stick around and lose more points.

in the meantime, the wyvern was finished off, presumably by Folly and Dara, so dedf1sh opted to swamp the gargoyle1 and then venture after them, deeper into the keep

anyway dedf1sh managed to find some more treasure and swamp it, and took the L for the team by finding and swamping the trinkets hidden away by the snugglepuss

Dedf1sh did manage to jump down onto the beach, venture behind the waterfall, grab some shells and a garnet, toot the conch, grab the finger, and obtain the sphere (before giving the finger (y'know, the treasure) to folly, lest she cause a repeat of the hedgehog incident)

anyway some notes from the post-bash chat:
Dara mentioned she was unable to grab the chalice, because her method of doing so relied on pointers - which had already been grabbed/swamped by other people.

She also mentioned that her overconfidence with the stocky dwarf guards did cause some Problems.

Gaia was incredibly confused by what was happening with the dragon and the druids. They were so confused, they didn't even realize that they were already holding the items needed for those things! idk how dragons and druids work
Snypster was at the pub.

(continued next post)

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Joined: Mar 05, 2002
Posts: 264
Posted: 16-05-2024 18:56   
Further copying and pasting of notes from the post-bash chat and Discord:

Today at 6:10 PM

Gaia the incorrect warlock says "i done sorc room and obsidian, icicle and
pillar also me".
Gaia the incorrect warlock says "swamped a load of the bad t around the main


Today at 6:13 PM
Anyway, we had some latecomers. When Snypster arrived, there already was not really a chance of swamping all the t anyway due to the mishaps and people getting sidetracked swamping trinkets that respawned anyway. We did manage to get it down to under 150 treasures left, though.

Snypster's arrival caused rock splitting, which opened up the giant realm. At this point, there were only a few minutes remaining. There was barely enough time to fight the goblins with the silver whistles and then swamp those silver whistles before time ran out, with about 140 treasures left.

Post-mortem: All in all, we did the best we could, but most of us agreed we could have done better. Here's an excerpt from the post-bash discussions:

Today at 6:19 PM

Folly the warlock says "log confirms i swamped the ribbon (-27 -27 -30) three times".

Dedf1sh (resident noob)

Today at 6:26 PM
There was a bit of a consensus that trinkets shouldn't count for these treasure bashes, due to them having a nasty habit of respawning


Today at 6:31 PM
Indeed. From the tearoom chat on the matter. :*.
Dara the warrior says "We'll have to discuss this with Heiach, but next time I
think trinkets should not be counted.".
Dara the warrior says "Since they respawn anyway.".
*Gaia the incorrect warlock says "you need to keep hold of them till the end
if not".
*Gaia the incorrect warlock says "they wont respawn instantly so itd work".
Dara the warrior says "Probably. But best to just put a lid on that can of
*Gaia the incorrect warlock says "if you wanna do a most of the t bash yes".
*Drizzle would like to see a worm of cans.
*Dedfish the sorceress says "well, strictly speaking they are tr, not t :^)".

Dedf1sh (resident noob)

Today at 6:31 PM
questions were also raised about the pillar and the coal, seeing as they are treasure, but are also consumed when used to perform Cool Things That Help Bashes To End Without People Dying Too Many Times


Today at 6:35 PM
From the chat in the tearoom: Folly the warlock says "i like the idea of a pure treasure bash, but i also
like pillar stats and a dead dragon".
Dara the warrior says "The pillar stats are optional. The dead dragon ... not
so much.".
*Folly the warlock says "yeah, but getting up pag is harder / riskier and
takes more time sleeping".
*Folly the warlock says "apart from the apes it went ok though to be fair".

Anyway, it was also noted how the various pagoda flower patches (herbs, jasmine, bonsai, rhododendrons) didn't count as T until they were picked.


And so that's the post-Treasure bash musings for the Treasure Bash of MUD2, 5/9/2024.

Will there be another Treasure Bash in the near future? Who can say? All I can say is that this one was an interesting experience.

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