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MUDII Forum Index MUD2 Clients New MUD2Client version!
Author New MUD2Client version!

Joined: May 17, 2004
Posts: 16
Posted: 06-09-2004 02:43   
I ought to give it a proper name, but nevertheless, download it from: http://www.hyperplanar.co.uk/downloads/MUD2Client.zip

Changes in this version:

  • Window switches to full-screen mode correctly
  • Client no longer tries to request SV information while you are sleeping
  • Command repeat shortcuts added
  • URLs now launched using the default web browser
  • Splitter pane dimensions no longer reset when sizing the surrounding window
  • Ampersand character is now visible
  • Command line given default keyboard focus
  • Improvements and fixes to behaviour of text boxes
  • D3D texel and screen mapping fixed when using hardware accelerated mode
  • Added a search function
  • Tooltips added to various status icons and displays
  • Minor interface adjustments (clipping of some borders and reset timer fixed)
  • Added message scrambling
  • Slight performance increase when rendering lots of text on some video cards in hardware rendering mode
  • Minor colour adjustments to game output

So there.

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Joined: May 17, 2004
Posts: 16
Posted: 16-09-2004 18:25   
Yet another new version, get version 1.1 from http://www.hyperplanar.co.uk/downloads/MUD2Client.zip!

Changes include:

  • HOME/END keys now move text windows to beginning/end respectively
  • PAGE UP/DOWN routed to main window when typing commands
  • Numeric keypad keys mapped to movement
  • Added re-attack macros (for mobiles - not players!)
  • Text scroll position problems fixed in the command input box
  • Various adjustments to the layout, fixing mis-sized or clipped images, etc.
  • Default keyboard focus directed to the command line
  • WHO window no longer resets its scroll position to the first line after an update
  • 'Auto-resleep' added as a toggle option to counter SHOUTS
  • Prompt now behaves normally when snooping
  • Snoops now omit all snooped FE and MAP commands (and can be configured to omit any given MUD code)
  • Command line no longer lets the carat get positioned outside of its window
  • TAB now inserts a word from the previous submitted command corresponding to the word position of the cursor
  • Phantom URL context areas removed

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Joined: May 17, 2004
Posts: 16
Posted: 04-10-2004 19:51   
The latest client version (1.2b) is now available from http://www.hyperplanar.co.uk/downloads/MUD2Client.zip.

Latest changes include:

  • Added optional conversation window to seperate says, tells, shouts, etc from the main window. Toggle replaces 'swampward' button. (see http://www.hyperplanar.co.uk/images/Conversation.jpg.
  • Added timestamp feature for document windows.
  • Logging is now controlled per-document, and is no longer limited to the main text window.
  • Snooped WHO information (QW, etc) no longer gets displayed.
  • Client now simulates quote mode to stop .front-end commands getting interpreted as quotes by MUD2.
  • Client now resets its status on a '+- Reset in progress. Exiting. -+'.
  • Fixed synchronisation between the audio decoder and the direct sound play buffer.
  • Client won't hang on a context THROW.
  • Auto-resleeping after the client submits a dreamword no longer causes subsequent sleeps in some fights.

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