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Joined: Dec 07, 2004
Posts: 6
Posted: 14-01-2005 17:04   
i think it was a few days after new year, i decided to drink a few bottles of wine, in the new year mood an all that, however the mood soon turned sour. I remember killing a Super with my warlock. which i thort was a funny thimg to do. after this attack i retired to the Troom to revel in my self made amusement. instead i can remember insulting and genrally being an idiot to several regulars including the super i killed. Firedemon and Zordell im particularly sorry to. i apologise to everyone who had to endure my bad attitude that night. Red

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Joined: Apr 14, 2003
Posts: 421
From: Birmingham
Posted: 14-01-2005 21:03   
That's very noble of you. You were being a total dickhead that evening

The person I feel worst about is Smurf the wizard though. It was the first time I've ever seen him, and he hasn't been back since. You couldn't have picked a worse night!

Bravo on the apology though, I am impressed.
*Fiz the necromancess says "I've been advised by everyone in the game to ignore you, Crowley".

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Joined: Jul 07, 2003
Posts: 231
From: England
Posted: 18-01-2005 11:02   
hey red iv'e dished out alot of negativaty in the world of MUD also i know what its like to make a total ass of myself, i feel really guilty of it that you can trust.
As you said i was one who was being insulted with zordell, we knew it was under the influence of alcohol as i know that you are not normally like that and never have been, i was upset mate alot, we play sets we attack each other not out of dislike but for fun and i like that i genrally enjoy the sets that we have a chance to play.
All that felt rather pointless that night but as halen said, im proud of the appology shows true manlyness and you are tottaly forgiven with me.
I do enjoy mates, people might say MUD mates are nothing, who cares you have never meet them but a few of my MUD mates (will say no names) treat me better than my LIFE FRIENDS so yes i care for them as a real life friend.

Take it easy guys "Firedemon"

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Joined: Aug 08, 2003
Posts: 216
Posted: 18-01-2005 23:54   
Appreciate the message mate but honestly it happens and its in the past k
See you in MUD soon!

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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
Posts: 789
From: Llanelli
Posted: 27-08-2007 17:03   
Was smurf really back? If so you really upset him because he aint been back.

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