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MUDII Forum Index General Chat I'm a bit pissed off.
Author I'm a bit pissed off.

Joined: Apr 14, 2003
Posts: 421
From: Birmingham
Posted: 31-03-2005 17:03   
Intro for Gothik: this is all about me. I'm great. I think I'm super. I'm the bestest in the world. La la la.

I've been off work between jobs for two days. I've played mud to relax. On the sets I've played, I've been in competition with other players both times. I don't quit unless I silly death, or I flee. Because that's the game. That's the way I play the game.

It's now the afternoon. Rosie and my daughter are due home any minute, so while I wait, I pop on to mud to chat to whoever is there. The land seems empty, so I type OBIT, then WH WF to see if there's any invis's to chat to. My tearoom wh's don't show anything interesting. So I go afk very quickly. When I come back Eros has plinked me for Ohnoez in the land, and I see this on the screen:

*Your voice says "omg i nearly played and took a risk".

Er, excuse me?

I know - this used to happen a lot a few months ago, the stupid taunting. I don't get it? I don't understand why it's fun. I've been playing nearly non-stop the free time i have the last few weeks. I've lost 2 mages and a necro the last couple of weeks, and this kind of crap has been non-existant, unlike the last time I tried to wizrun. Who's come back to the wizroom? Did you pop off to try growing up first, didn't work so well so you came back?

sh um, why would I be running on to play now? My wife and kid are due back any second
*sh sometimes, people come on to be *gasp* social
*sh but thanks for the concern
*A male voice in the distance shouts "and where wafers".
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess tells you "ll?".
*re sure
As you step through the opening, you become swathed in a fine, gossamer
mist. The Elizabethan tearoom fades hazily away, and vague, new shapes begin
to form around you. Their outlines become more defined, their colours grow
stronger, and the mist thins out into pale wisps, which gradually disperse
away to nothingness...
Narrow road between lands.
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess has just arrived.
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess has just left.
*sh which I do every time I log on, no matter when I log on - check my logs
Narrow road.
Road opposite cottage.
Beaten track.
Beaten track near cliff.
As you approach the edge of the cliff, the rock starts to crumble.
Hurriedly, you retreat as you begin to feel the ground give way under your
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess has just arrived.
*snog ohnoez
You give Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess a great big snog!
Your heart goes all a-flutter!
(+126 = 1,274).
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess waves.
*Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess has just left.
OK, Crowley the cabalist bows.
Your magic stalls, having not warmed up properly.
Overall, you scored 126 points this game.

Option (H for help): p
MUD version 4E.
Copyright (C) 1991-2005
Multi-User Entertainment Ltd.
Licensed (number 67903589) to Muddled Games Ltd.

+- Please change your password. Type /P at the "*" prompt. -+
Your last game of MUD began on 31-MAR-2005 at 16:42:52.

MUD last reset on 31-MAR-2005 at 15:50:16.
This reset is number 20389.

The personae available to you are:
(1) Crowley,
(2) Nox,
(3) Constant.
By what name shall I call you (Q to quit)?
Elizabethan tearoom.
Crowley the cabalist
Ohnoez the dragonfly-slaying necromancess
*sh remember: not everyone plays like you
*A male voice in the distance shouts "yeah some people are honest".

What a bunch of crap. It annoys the hell out of me. How dare you judge me on how I play?! Christ on a bike.

Blah blah rant rant rant. You can call me a crybaby now.
*Fiz the necromancess says "I've been advised by everyone in the game to ignore you, Crowley".

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Joined: Apr 14, 2003
Posts: 421
From: Birmingham
Posted: 31-03-2005 17:35   
Bah. This post lacks 87.3% of the spite I wanted to put into it.

And of course, I've just realised my reply to the final comment should have been "exactly how honest is that, mr anonymous male voice in the distance who won't even show himself to back up the stuff you're making up". Or some such.

*Fiz the necromancess says "I've been advised by everyone in the game to ignore you, Crowley".

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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
Posts: 529
From: I can't remember!
Posted: 31-03-2005 23:16   
There are a lot of things I could say about a game who's staff are selected by their ability to play rather than for their person/helping skills... but I won't.. I trust there's a good program for ensuring maturity somewhere.

This just isn't on.

- Heiach

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Joined: Aug 21, 2001
Posts: 61
From: London
Posted: 01-04-2005 15:08   
Thanks for the intro crowley i didnt know you cared...

Good luck with the new job btw...and dont forget to tone down the volume control on that leviathon ego of yours lol...

only teasing with the ego thing sheesh please dont take a goth seriousely!

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Joined: Jul 07, 2003
Posts: 231
From: England
Posted: 02-04-2005 18:06   

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