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Author Fight Club Ladder Rules

Joined: Nov 20, 2006
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Posted: 26-06-2008 00:09   
The ladder:

1. The ladder is a list of contestants in numerical order, with number 1 being the highest ranked contestant.

2. In order to advance up the ladder, you must win a fight with someone who is above you. If you win, you will advance one position. You cannot advance by beating someone who is lower than you on the ladder.

3. Contestants who are new to the ladder will initially be unranked. A rank is gained as soon as the contestant has their first fight. If they lose the fight they will join the ladder at the bottom. If they win they will advance one place from the bottom.

4. In order to initiate a fight, a contestant must issue a challenge. The opponent can either accept or decline the challenge. Once a challenge or acceptance has been made, that person cannot back out and if they refuse to fight it will be counted as a loss.

5. Fights must be real in order to count for the ladder. Protected Personae and the DUEL command are not allowed.

6. The challenger decides the lose criteria (as below) for the fight. Normal game rules apply.

7. The challenger sets the level of the fight. The opponent must play at the same level or below. The minimum level is warrior/cabalist.

8. Contestants may optionally agree extra fight rules (e.g. no summon protection) but both sides must agree. Furthermore, pure RNG fights are not allowed so any extra rules must allow SOME scope for skillful play.

9. Challenges and acceptances are made by each contestant mudmailing (or telling) the details to Hal after which the fight can take place. You must include the lose criteria, contestant levels, and any optional rules you've agreed.

10. Once the fight has concluded, both parties should mudmail/tell Hal the result.

10. If the end of a reset is reached without a lose criteria being met, then the result is a draw.

11. The ladder will be updated in the order that results are received.

12. By taking part in a fight mid set, you accept that your opponent may have game-knowledge. Either side is free to insist that the fight takes place in a fresh reset.

13. In order to prevent someone obtaining a position and then never fighting again, there will be two compulsory challenges per month for each contestant. These will be selected each month by myself using a RNG, to prevent people accepting two easy fights and then refusing subsequent ones. If a contestant does not complete their compulsory fights they will drop one position in the ladder.

14. If a fight is compulsory and the two contestants are unable to agree a mutual date/time within one month of the challenge, then it shall take place in the reset after the next bash. If either side fails to attend, it will be postponed to the bash after that. If either side fails to attend again, then whoever is present shall win by default. If neither side attends then the challenger shall win by default.

15. These rules are subject to variation, and where a situation is not covered by them, a referee will decide the outcome. Referees are currently myself and Gobstopper. A referee cannot decide the outcome of a fight which he has taken part in himself.

16. Attempts to cheat and/or manipulate results will be heavily frowned upon and will result in the offending contestant becoming unranked. This includes practices such as assistance from third parties, deliberately camping safe rooms to achieve a draw, and using the tearoom to recover stam/magic.

Lose criteria:

1. First to die.
2. First to die or flee.
3. First to die, flee, or end session (e.g. silly death or QQ).

Results and prizes:

An updated ladder will be posted regularly on the forum (approximately once per week). Each month there will be prizes for various categories of achievement, to be announced later.

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