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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Last Night's War 21/08
Author Last Night's War 21/08

Joined: Mar 13, 2008
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Posted: 21-08-2008 23:47   
War instigator's report :

So things kicked off in the tea room with me and zedar the only ones willing to partake in the imminent war . Pretty soon a lobster(cf) appeared in the tearoom asking if he had agreed to host a sorc war the night before while drunk .We all nodded and so it seemed the battle was a foot but with only 2 players up for it things seemed grim .

Luckily luckypants and instead came around 5 to 9 and Cf declared the war was to be done .
So a wiz reset came about and a couple of fods later we were in the land all with our newly sorced personas .

It stared slow with no battles commencing , Cf seemed disappointed by this and promised a prize to the player first to attack . With in seconds i was attacked by sneaky(zedar) and cf materialized with his gift (the rapier) in hand . Zedar was winning so i decided to f , rs which considering we were fighting in the goblin layer and my rs was bottom of stairs i didn't get too much sleep before zedar reattacked .I fled again but o,o,o,o this time and ended up at the pc , zedar was there in an instant and for some very odd reason i killed him

So hooray for me I had my first sorcwar kill to date and on moving west a couple of paces i found i also had the rapier .

After some sleep i realised i was trapped in the gobs and informed cf of this . He being the understanding type opened the pc for me and i was back out in the wild .

Next came (i think) luckypants who turned out to be my second kill of the evening (hahahaha) . So 2 nil Leak what could go wrong........

Well as i was becoming more and more frustrated with the zombies i asked cf to remove them . Of course CF took the suggestion with open ears and placed me under the hut and filled the hut with zombies

Now to skip on a bit because i can't remember what happened ( at some point cf stopped resorcing , Zedar (the coward) quit and Instead had to leave due to his connection ). So it was just me and luckypants who i'd met not seconds previously ( he was armed with cape and bs) , i fled and wondered wh the rapier was . On whing the rapier i realized it was in possession of one of the zombies who by chance i met at the foothills .

So now armed with the rapier and luckypants only one kill ahead of me there seemed a slight chance i could win by being the last man standing . How ever on trying to find ol lucky pants i stumbled across the banshee who was in the mood for a fight . At this point I felt all was lost and stupidly yelled a swear word . Then i shouted sorry and Then i was fodded ...........

So luckypants (upholding his name) won and received some icons for his troubles .


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