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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Last Night's Bash (04/06)
Author Last Night's Bash (04/06)

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 05-06-2009 10:41   

Last night?s Bash was a great deal more fun than the those of the last two weeks. True we didn?t succeed but there was a certain amount of satisfying team work . It started off with just three players: Richmond, Fiz and me (playing Roland). The number did increase during the evening as more players came on.

I had a bad time kitting myself out as I couldn?t find a wp. I did think of shouting for one but remembered the trouble caused when someone else did just that a couple of weeks ago. Eventually I went down the well in the ill-founded hope that I could get the ls. On the way out I realised that I had not sited and I was forced to smash the rack with my bare hands. I could have gone out and come back in again but I did not want to lose my Bash-General status. In time, I remembered that there was another wp down there and went after it. I should have stammed up as I ended up fleeing from a ws, leaving me a lot of ground to catch up and I still did not even have a wp. This was a bad start.

CF set up the pillar for us and moved us from pillar to post. This was helpful in the extreme. The bash followed the usual lines where each player acts solo in a particular area of The Land. I went down the Gobs and so managed to get a better weapon. We met up as a team for the dwarfs, where Richmond and Nictoxaf were much in evidence. With 78 minutes left there were only 109 mobiles left, well within the 3 in 2 minutes for this early stage of the game. We were soon down to 100 and a big cheer went up. We teamed up and systematically went through the Dwarfed Realm, following this up later with the Keep. But with 28 minutes to go there were still 40 left. We were slipping a bit as we were still at about 3 in 2 minutes when at this stage ideally we should have been 1 in 1.

It was a little later that I found the Great Gate open and the SV 48. This put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm as, if there were mobs. upstairs in the Pag., I for one had no idea how to get there and I was by no means confident that anyone else who was actually north knew how to either.

But we progressed slowly. Genesis made a welcome entry into The Land and joined the team at the keep. This went like clockwork.

Then we had this:

In the distance, you hear a bell toll.
No-one above novice level has died in a fight this reset.
The following have died to FODs from mortals this reset:
Genesis the necromancer, violently disintegrated by a failed attempt to FOD Galahad the warlock.

I have no idea what this was all about but I was glad I was playing a PP.

However, this did deprive me of a valuable member of the team who had only just joined the game. It was a very short bash for Genesis.

From then matters proceeded slowly. Nictoxaf and Richmond both attacked 7 apes at once, luckily at the same time. And we were given an extra 5 minutes by Foddy.

There was still plenty to do and it was as Nictoxaf and I were doing the sealife that it came on to rain. On our way back through the Tearoom, I noticed in addition to Foddy, Droo the wizard, whom I do not think I have met before, Genesis now at protector level and Hal. This left Richmond and Galahad still north. We had hardly gone back in the Land and started to look for our lost kit, when it was all over.

There was a debate afterwards as what was left. Certainly it appears both skeletons, the giant snake, the spider and golem and I believe at least one bee were still unaccounted for. I find bees difficult to keep track of. If they die as a result of stinging you, they do not show up on OBIT ME. I now have a clip board and some paper handy by the keyboard and I find the best way is to write down the figures 0 to 9 as you go into the maze and cross them off as the bees die. You do need a good map of the maze but having one, I still get lost.

By and by, all tings considered, this was a good and enjoyable bash.

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Joined: Oct 22, 2007
Posts: 37
Posted: 05-06-2009 12:03   
well i had a bloody good time what what.
it was nice to have a good team effort (even though my map knowledge is sadly lacking and sometimes i have delusions of granduer...... i will know better then to try taking on 7 apes in future).
well done bash general as you said it may not have been a finished bash but i still think it was a successful one in terms of teamwork

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Joined: Nov 20, 2006
Posts: 532
Posted: 05-06-2009 14:21   
I popped out briefly a couple of times: once to help Nictoxaf with sk1, and again to help him with rats.

The way I keep track of bees is to count to 10 as I kill them. Once I hit 10 I know they're all dead, and if not I need to run through the maze again. Another trick is to be careful of intersections: if you go down path A and arrive at a junction with path B and C, a bee in C might cross over into A while you are in B. So I tend to scout a room ahead on both paths to make sure there are no bees hovering around, before exploring the two paths fully. Hopefully that made some sense

Finally if you have magic you can just do a check at the end: wh bee0, wh bee1, ..., wh bee9. This will only cost 10 magic points and you only have to backspace and replace the number between each command.

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