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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Last Night's bash (22/10/09)
Author Last Night's bash (22/10/09)

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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 23-10-2009 11:40   
Last night's Bash was well attended. There was a short delay while Sabretooth loaded the script. That meant we were in for he unusual yet again.

Sure enough when we got going, The were some Evil Toy Chucky Dolls about, most of them carrying swords. Although it was valued at 26 points 'gtx' did not pick up sword7 at the end of my first fight with a doll, but 'g wp' did. The sword was not as good a weapon as the staff I had, so I swamped it. I now wish I had left it in the hut for someone who may have needed it. That is what I ought to have done.

The bash went on steadily but not quite fast enough to start with. However we caught up and towards the end we were well within the one-mobile-surviving-per-one-minute-left-to-reset guide. I do not know how many dolls there were to start with but I accounted for four and I am sure other players accounted for a few more than that each. There were also a few scarecrows about. I typed in 'wh scarecrows' a few times and the word was not recognised. The same happened for 'wh evil toy chucky doll'. Maybe for scarecrows I should have tried 'wh scarecrow' (singular). Anyway they proved difficult to track down. In addition to these extra mobiles there were of course, all the 'normal' ones to deal with.

I must be acknowledged that Kazoo and Proflayton played blinders, and did most of the work themselves single handed, though I did manage to give them a bit of help from time to time. Fighting the Vampire with all three of us was not too stressful. I spent some time looking for a phial before even thinking about the spider and by the time I found one the spider had already been dealt with. Kazoo did the sea life and drowned twice, he said. Meanwhile I could have done without a mobile called 'almaa'.

At 10 minutes left (not counting the extension) there were just 9 mobiles left. Making my way through the Mine I came across Kazoo and Proflayton fighting a miner. I tried several times to join in but neither 'k mobile f best wp' nor 'k miner' worked and I was forced to standby by and watch. Someone said there was one dwarf left and I started to go through wh'ing them one by one. I got to about 17 when there was a cry that it was on the Railway Line. It seemed to take a long time for the miner to die and we were into the 5 minute extension time with just 2 left. One was the mouse, who was promptly dealt with. The last one was the Basilisk. I rushed to the Chinese Room but found it empty and as I opened the door into the Grandfather Clock, it was all over. Someone had got to the Bas.

Feet seem to feature in prefixes this time. I don't know why but reading between the lines it seems Proflayton refused to give Aeon the Rabbit's Foot when he went to the Touchstone.

Those taking part were Aeon the Sorcerer (he made it) Proflayton the foot hogging Necromancer, Teatowel the Michael-foot Hero, Kazoo the Dragonfly-slaying, foot-spa necromancer and me Royston the bash General/Mass Pker Necromancer. I deny Pk'ing. Cenedra the Feet-loving mage was no doubt watching from the Tearoom. I hope she was given a mirror or maybe a Mage doesn't need one.

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