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Author Rules and Regulations

Joined: Jan 30, 2004
Posts: 28
Posted: 13-11-2009 04:46   
My favourite alleged breach of the rules on my own part was for apparently committing treason by doing something called "subverting invisibility". A mage who hadn't played for some years came on and became hysterical because I knew he was on and that I knew his name. To this day I don't know if it was a bluff on the part of the invis player, or if it was a case of someone managing to make it to mage yet couldn't figure out how a lowlife could actually know that he was playing the set. In fact, it was even unavoidable for me to know that he was playing.
His threat of having a wiz FOD me for *playing against the spirit of the game* was met with a world-weary yawn, and I don't believe that the persona has been seen again since.
At once stage I noticed a run of PKers who would use indignation as a weapon to intimidate lowlifes. Didn't work for me (I have a hide as thick as leather), but I wonder how many newbs might have been put off playing.

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