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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Last Night's bash (5/11/09)
Author Last Night's bash (5/11/09)

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 06-11-2009 09:17   

There are Bashes, Good Bashes and Great Bashes. Last night was definitely a Bash.

With the bash happily co-inciding with Guy Fawkes Night, we were right to expect something special and when we went North we found boxes of fireworks and a bonfire in the East Pasture.

There were only three of us: Aeon the Sorcerer, Raffles the Sorcerer and me at Necromancer. Aeon was elected Bash General and immediately started to issue instructions as to what he wanted doing. I could have told him that was a mistake. Experience shows that no one likes to be told what to do, particularly at the start of a game and everyone just got on with their own thing as always. In my case that meant rushing about and killing any mobile I happen to come across.

I made an effort to go after the goblins but Raflles had the pointers and I had a bit of trouble looking for another means of accessing the Goblins' Lairs. Meanwhile Raffles was sorting out the rats as a preliminary for going after the Dragon. There was the sound of a wolf dying. This was strange as normally the dragon goes first and I assumed that Raffles was working really fast.

Some time later the was a Hawumph as Raffles escaped the wrath of the dragon. It's strange that sometimes you go after the dragon, properly equipped, and it still goes for you. If you are lucky enough to escape, as Raffles did, it is of no use at all going back, as it remembers you and has another bite at your cherry. Someone else has to have a go. And so the Dragon was put on the back burner so to speak.

Eventually I succumbed to the Aeon's pleas and did the water snakes. These are fairly routine until you get attacked by a second one immediately after a kill. It does seem to take for ever. I did the right thing and went on after the pony and the snowbird. There was no Lynx or Snowleopard this time. There was however a Mammoth encased in ice. Based entirely on my perception of something Hal once said, you leave this alone. It does not count as a mobile until it is rescued from its entombment. If that?s the word I am looking for. In the past, I have tried doing this, without the least success, by gathering up all the sticks in the Teachest and setting them alight in the same room as the iced-up mammoth in a massive conflagration. It was spectacular to watch but no use.

With these thoughts passing through my brain, I remembered the bonfire in the East Pasture and a thought of pure fantasy went through my mind of moving the bonfire under the Mammoth. Maybe a Wizard could do it but I bet the ice still would not melt. Then it occurred to me that if there was a bonfire there had to be a Guy. And sure enough there was one behind the bar in the deserted Inn. I had been there before this set but had not noticed it. The question was swamp it or burn it. Anyway I picked it up and made my way to the bonfire. This took a little finding. I always get the Pastures muddled up in themselves and even confuse them with the Dales. But at last I came to it and threw the Guy on. This was the right choice. It got me 105 points. For me, this was the most satisfying part of the event.

It seems that Sabretooth was up to his favourite tick as Giants were spotted in the Land.

Aeon went after the Dragon and I had to explain to him that I had moved one of the pointers to the Natural Cavern, in the hope that Raffles would fall on Goblin 10 (the Exceptional Large Goblin) when he came to use them. It was a waste of time as I then ascertained that G10 was in the Guard Room with G11 and G12. A formidable trio.

I then took on the bees. A tedious business that has to be done. There are ten in all. The problem is, as I am sure I have mentioned before, is that if they sting you and die, they do not show up on OBIT ME. You have to keep account of them as you go along. I always have a pad next to the keyboard where I write down such things I want to remember like where boats are, or the route to Dragon Island. I know there is a REMEMBER command but somehow I find this an easier way. When it comes to the bees I write down the figures 0 - 9 and cross them off as they die.

Tragedy struck when Aeon was killed by the Queen Dwarf and the King Dwarf. I was still fighting the bees. Raffles called for my help in the Dwarfen Realm and as soon as I had done I joined him. Then there was the sound of a dragon dying. Killed no doubt by Aeon, but having had to quit the game, of no benefit to him. On the way in Dally Lane, Sabretooth dropped the machette and the ice hockey mask for me to find. I grabbed them and dropped the Dagger.

There were a large number of non-regal dwarfs (if I can put it that way) though the guards seemed to have been dealt with. The main objective was to get the King and the Queen. I met up with Raffles and we dealt with the King first, each getting 338 points in the process (not to be sneezed at). After I recovered I ventured South a few rooms and straight into the Queen who was wearing a cape and holding the Broadsword and a wafer. I waded straight in and was immediately joined by Raffles. My call to him for help has shown on the log some time after we were both engaged with her. There was obviously some delay on my line. After eating her wafer, she was bashed a few more times and eventually fled. Raffles went after her and I went in the wrong direction into a closed door. Raflles came back, and said he had finished her off on his own. Sabretooth appeared with burgers and we had one each. A little bonus of 40 points for eating them. It was now mopping up time for the rest of the dwarfs. We went through them fairly rapidly between the two of us and soon the survival count was down to 50.

There are three dwarfs who tend to be overlooked and a check showed they were still alive. These are the Surly Guards: Dwarfs 9, 10 and 11. This is due to their Guard Room being just south of the Ministerial Room and not in the normal run of things. Foolishly I decided to tackle these on my own to flee at twenty stamina and come back. I got to twenty-five, then suddenly I was at nineteen and before I could put my flee into effect I was dead, taking only one of them with me.

Back in the Tearoom I was doted upon and given two large pieces of Guy Fawkes Gold, which I immediately swamped. But I am afraid my heart was no longer in it. There were 18 minutes left and 41 Mobiles still surviving. At a rate of over 2 a minute, it was pretty hopeless especially as I was no longer a magic-user. I wandered round a bit, killed two Zombies and avoided fighting one skeleton. I chased the dragonfly and eventually caught up with it earning the prefix that goes with the kill. I looked for the dagger, wishing I had had the foresight to make a note of where I had dropped it. I found it, repaired it and set about slaughtering the fireflies. I picked up a sparkler and burnt myself. It did say it was sparkling, so it was my own fault. I came across the wraith and in my haste to get as many rooms as possible between me and it, I blew myself up in the Swamp. It had to be the sparkler of course. It is a long time since I WHOOSHED. At least a week.

Back once more in the Tearoom, with 33 alive and 6 minutes left of play, I gave up. Raffles was here, in real life not feeling very well, with no intention of going back in either. There were five sparklers about. I picked them all up, intending to only pick up one. My stam which was already low from the WHOOSH dropped to 8.

Nero popped in for a chat and then left.

And that was it. 33 mobiles left at the end.

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Joined: Oct 28, 2006
Posts: 105
Posted: 06-11-2009 10:08   
Great report Roy!

Blib will be pleased!

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 06-11-2009 21:52   
Thank you Samson. But do you mind keeping your germs to yourself and not spreading them all over the forum?

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