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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Last Night's Bash (12/11/2009)
Author Last Night's Bash (12/11/2009)

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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 13-11-2009 11:22   

I had had a couple of trying days in the Land, dying to the Dragon five times, the grizzly Bear once and Goblin11 once. Mind you, two of the Dragon deaths were my own fault. On one occasion the black stuff was still in a closed container where I had put it to stop the Thief stealing it, so the Dragon did not actually see it and on another I had not taken sufficient care to arrange my escape from the Island and after doing the business with the Dragon nothing happened and I just stood there looking at him.. Well no dragon likes that. As for the Grizzly, he gave me a hug, so I gave him one back. That was a mistake. This was all in an attempt to get back up to Sorcerer ready for the Bash. I finally conceded I was not going to make it at about six o'clock last night after yet again springing myself back up to Warrior.

So I entered the Land a bit after time with my highest other persona at Superhero.

Foddy the Arch-Wizard was on scene running the show. It's difficult bashing as a non-magic user and thought it sensible to start on something I was familiar with and go for the Goblins. Pausing only to pick up the falchion and a key and kill the boar, I went into the Goblins' lairs via the Grotto. I soon realised that I had forgotten all about getting myself to glow and had to ask for one. I hate doing that. The first two Goblins were routine but when I opened up the Guard Room I found G10 (the exceptionally large one) in there with G11 and G12. G10 on its own or G11 withG12 on their own can be difficult but my heart came into my mouth, finding them all three together. But, for once my luck held. G11 was the first to go, quickly followed by G12, when my stamina was 84/100 and I still had 53/100 left when G10 died. The remaining Goblins all died to plan without mishap.

After the Goblins come the rats, of course. I repaired the falchion and then went down the cellar. Rat0 I do on his own and it seemed to take for ever. The remaining rats I do at four at a time. A quick check showed that 133 mobiles were left with 80 minutes left of play. We were already at less than 2 per minute which was good going at this stage of the game. Nakor the super heroine appeared and joined in the melee quickly followed by Frantic the Sorceress. When it was all over Frantic grabbed the necessary. I was secretly pleased as I did not fancy facing the Dragon with my last half-decent persona. Outside I bumped into Ape0. I wondered if the Pagoda had opened up. There were certainly enough playing to open it up. Ape0 was drunk but even so very dexterous. The thief appeared and I thought I could be fighting two mobiles at once but in its drunken state the ape gave the thief a painful kick and the thief came in on my side. The ape fled a few times with me after it before I finally succeeded in disposing of it.

I came across Rumfoord the necromancer, carrying among other things, the Valetant, from which I assumed the Keep had been dealt with. I heard the Wolf bay. We now down to 100 with just 72 minutes left. Just under 3 per 2 minutes.

At a bit of a loss, I went down under the well. The were four Watersnakes left and then on the North Mountain for the Pony and Snowbird. I heard the Dragon die. I cheered.

By now we were running at 71 left in 67 minutes. Almost 1 in 1 and I was very confident we would succeed. And suddenly it was 24 in 43 minutes.

Somehow the keep, the Evil Twins, and all the Dwarfs got dealt with without any help from me. But there were a lot of players on.

I wandered about a bit and came across Rumfoord again, this time in combat with the Man. I joined in without invitation and eventually the Man fled and disappeared. Meanwhile Frantic had dealt with Skeleton1. Someone shouted for a blind on Shark0, so the sealife was being dealt with. Things certainly seemed to be going well.

We were soon at the stage when we were wondering exactly what was left. You depend entirely on Magic-users going down a list 'whereing' mobiles in turn. I found it a bit frustrating that it did not seem to be happening. The information was just not getting out. I decided to check up on the Spider, well known for being overlooked. I went to the Ruin and instead of finding the expected cord, I got stuck in the Spider's web. Expecting the Spider to appear at any second I took the only way out I knew, I quit.

Back in the game, I forgot about the long discussion a few months ago, and put myself under a bit for pressure to make a kill, in the mistaken belief that by quitting I would lost my 3K bonus. The problem was that there was little left at this stage and I did not know what was left.

Someone shouted that the tiger was still about. Oh 'Tyger, tyger burning bright..' you were about to cop it. I met up with Tsunami the Swordsman on the Revered Path. Both of us making enough noise on the gravel to alert any tiger to our presence (bright or dull). We soon found it and very soon this magnificent beast was no more, and I cheered.

A female voice in the distance shouted 'piglet, monk, boar, stag, swan. pony?' This although meant as a question came out to me at least as a misleading statement about what was left. I had personally killed the boar and the pony. But once again I balme the Magic-users who were not telling us what was left. The female voice kept on listing Mobiles with a question mark. I found this confusing. Indeed at a later stage. I was asked 'Golem dead, Yes?' but the 'yes?' appeared on the next line and I missed it. Hence I assumed the Golem had been killed.

Suddenly information came on the screen that the female Roc0 was worth 327 points. This could only mean that the Redwoods had been opened up. Unlike the Pagoda Gardens or the Giants' Realm. this is not opened by the game but by a player who knows how. Few players, I think, know this little trick. It did mean that the number of mobiles left shot up the moment it was opened. However the game was far from lost with 10 mobiles left, most of whom would be in the restricted area of the Redwoods and still 28 minutes play to go. It was more than just possible it was probable we would win.

I was floundering about the treetops, and took a look at my map to find a way down, when looking up I found I was already in a fight with the male Roc1. I am convinced they communicate with each other because the female (Roc0) appeared on scene almost immeiately and wasted no time in attacking me. I thought I would do the sensible thing for once and flee at 34 but by the time it took effect I was down to 23. My weapon fell to earth, naturally, and I had a bit of a job finding it.

I came across Rumfoord and Aeon doing their best with a swarm of ants. I helped out a bit and afterwards we were down to 6 in 18 minutes. And four minutes later we were down to just 1.

Those in the know believed it to be the Golem left. But, as I said, I was convinced it had been done. However I went along with it and made my way to the Ancient Chamber. Frantic was in the Hallowed Chamber and elected to go in. I received the instruction to do what had to be done no less than five times from Frantic. I had by now convinced myself that the reason she could not get in was that it had already been done and the game was preventing the necessary teleportation. Eventually, more in desperation than anything else, I shouted out the appropriate instruction and very soon it was me that was in. I attacked on sight and soon it was all over. It was indeed the last mobile. We won!

Those taking part were (taken from a QW list so I am not sure who was in the Tea Room and who was North):

Akor the superheroine
Rumfoord the necromancer
Probably the bash co-ordinating superhero
Aeon the superheroine
Tsunami the swordswoman
Fiz the necromancess
Hal the warlock
Oxocuboid the warlock
Vixen the vulpine swordswoman
Raffles the necromancer
Frantic the dragon-slaying necromancess
Prawn the guest

I did not do an OBIT but I think no one was killed.

This was certainly one of the more successful bashes and great fun. It makes a huge difference when there are a more players on.

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