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Joined: Aug 21, 2001
Posts: 61
From: London
Posted: 05-01-2002 00:07   
A silly post, cos its new year.(and am a bit of a wonker)

Having gotten totally frustrated and lost the plot a few times playing this game of internet chess, took some time out and wondered..is the www healthy for broadening the mind, meeting people of different ages,creeds,sex,ways of thinking, or a comfortable escape from the daily trials and boredom of so called real life?

Should the inventer of the www and internet gaming (Bartle excepted of course) be welcomed as delivering a new form of global interaction/communication or the other thing?

Free will always plays a role..so i guess people will decide in the end what makes them have fun.

much nonsense for 2002


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Joined: Aug 23, 2001
Posts: 76
From: Newcastle upon Tyne
Posted: 05-01-2002 03:12   
I don't mean to sound sarcastic in any way so don't take this the wrong way...

For global communication we have the telephone

As for online gaming - without what we currently have, there's not a lot you could do from current technology we have available to us to make it free in any way apart from LAN gaming you see in several part of the country.

I could be wrong however


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Joined: Sep 12, 2001
Posts: 49
Posted: 02-03-2002 00:21   
Tip: Take the smilies off the end of your sentences to sound less smug.


This sentence is rather normal.

This sentence is rather smug

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit apparently, however...

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Joined: Aug 26, 2001
Posts: 95
Posted: 03-03-2002 21:33   
And let's not forget that smilies also make you look like an utter, utter retard.

AtomicMonster.com: Death to Popular Culture.

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 40
Posted: 03-03-2002 22:00   
Nothing wrong with smilies. What really makes you look like a retard is the deliberate mis-spelling of (and trans-alphanumeric substitution in) simple words - "wat", "woz", "cud", "wud", "m8/w8/h8/etc", "j00", to name but a few.

Oh, and the shortening of why, are and you to y, r and u.

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Joined: Dec 30, 2014
Posts: 1
Posted: 30-12-2014 06:55   
Out of interest, why don't you just use the xml client already made that Umbrarg made? It's professional looking and HIGHLY newbie friendly. A lot of time was put into developing it, and it's better than anything I've seen so far - and I don't feel that 'cartoon style' is appropriate to the mystique of mud. His also allows for different skins to be applied to the client.

Just seems a waste to put time and effort into something when you already have a pretty much perfect client sitting there, which works superb and is suitable for old players and newbies.

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Joined: Mar 20, 2011
Posts: 113
Posted: 30-12-2014 12:18   
You did notice the date on the comments right?

I'ts unlikely that any of them will reply, I could be wrong though anything is possible.

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Joined: Apr 28, 2010
Posts: 155
Posted: 31-12-2014 22:20   

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