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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Thursday's Bash (27/05/2010)
Author Thursday's Bash (27/05/2010)

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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 31-05-2010 19:20   

The bash started dead on 9:00pm. Those taking part were: Hastur the Necromancer, Zedar the Mage and me at Superhero. Sabretooth the Wizard was host and umpire. Cenedra was staying in the Tearoom but Paine was persuaded to venture forth towards the end of the set, when she was most needed. I kitted myself out with the staff, got my glow, set up the Wine Store so I could get out and went down the well, as agreed. I dispatched five water snakes but could not find the sixth. Hastur told me he had killed one himself, so that accounted for them all. I wanted to go on to the North Mountain but needed the means to get off it afterwards. I was told this was on the ship. I wasted some time seeking a boat to get out to the wreck when I came across Stabby the Warlock carrying two of them and a whole lot of other kit too. He disappeared before I could ask him for one. I decided against going to North Mountain till later. Thinking about the Basilisk, I looked in the Underground Room and saw there was no column and foolishly (as it turned out) concluded that someone had that all in hand. I got the mouse and the raven, and avoided the scorpion.

Zedar said he was leaving the Land for a while as his Sorcerer had died to the Touchstone.

I still find confusing that a Magic User should wish to touch the Touchstone. There is obviously something I have yet to learn here, no doubt at a huge cost to my personas.

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly I came across an item to get me off the North Mountain and, remembering that I had not yet dealt with the Pony or the Snowbird, I set off. Meanwhile I had swapped my staff for the Longsword and felt pretty confident. Someone shouted asking if the apes were aggressive. So that meant to me the Pagoda was open.

I did one of my checks. Gdi the Superhero had joined us though I had no idea if he was lurking in the Tearoom. There were 130 mobiles alive; the time was 9:36pm and there was 69 minutes of play left. We were to almost two per minute and the pace had to be picked up. And as I shouted an F.Y.I. came up saying there were 125 mobiles left alive.

Coming off the North Mountain I landed in the Forest at Base of Cliff. Aimlessly I wandered into the Mausoleum to be confronted by Skeleton2. With complete abandon I went for it. Skeletons are difficult because you have to continuously hit them. They can build up their Stamina very quickly and it only takes a few successive misses for them to completely recover. But I was lucky. The R.N.G. worked in my favour and too my surprise it fell to pieces very quickly.

I decided to go after the Goblins next. They had probably already been done, but at least I knew where they were. On the way in I bumped into Skeleton0 which blocked my progress. Well, having succeeded once, I thought I would it worth trying again. And once again, fate in the form of the R.N.G was with me.

Stabby informed me that all the Goblins were dead and Called on me to help with the Keep. I was just about to depart when Sabretooth appeared making a lot of noise. He dropped the Hockey Mask and the Bloodstained Machete on the floor with a grin. I grabbed the mask and wore it. I dropped the LS and picked up the ?best? weapon getting it back again. I made a mental note however of the location of the machete. Not having the ?where? spell makes for difficulties in bashes.

Between us Stabby and I managed to kill the Spectre, The Wyvern was not there, presumably killed in the usual safe way by Stabby himself. We went on to attack the Griffin. I wish I had had the sense to stam up because I was soon down to 18 stam. And felt I really ought to flee leaving Stabby to carry on the good work. For reasons I will not go into, I normally FLEE OVER (f j). Most locations this works well but upstairs in the Keep is not one of them. Waving as I went through the Tearoom, I returned to the Keep and dealt with the Maiden and what seem four or five crows, without any help from that wimp Stabby who had gone off leaving the job half done.

Next I thought I had better look into the Pagoda Gardens and see if there were any apes about. There were, as was the Monk. Recovering from the Monk killing, I was woken up by the sound of a dragon dying. A quick check showed this to be the work of Stabby. Several cheers went up.

At this stage I found myself in the Statuary in the Mixed Garden. There is a tablet here which obviously needs to be read, but there are bits of statue in the way. Last time, I picked up the tablet and I died a silly death. So this time I had the good sense to pick up he obstructive statue and I died a silly death. That was the second time I died this set, but at least I was not dead-dead.

On my way back in through the Tearoom I saw Sabretooth, Blib and Cenedra, which meant that Gdi, Stabby and Hastur were all in the Land. I had a bit of a look for my kit but as in real life my maps are stored in a warehouse in Spain, I could not find my way to the Statuary, but I did remember where I had left the machette.

There was a cry for help with the Ogre; from Gdi I guess. At Bottom of Worn Steps, I was quite near. Even so Hastur and Stabby got there ahead of me. The Ogre really had no chance against the four of us.

Someone wanted help with the Ghoul this time. But it is pretty hopeless getting through the Bone Yard without a map. I can never remember the route and have always to look it up.

I went back to see how the apes were getting along. And I bumped into eight of them in one place. They all sloped off before I could get my command in. I followed them and having learnt my lesson not to ?k mo? but ?k 1 mo?, I took them on one by one. But they all got enraged and attacked me and I still ended up fighting the whole troop. I managed all of them nearly ending up with a 36 stam. After stamming up Hastur and I finished the rest off between us.

There were now 29 mobiles left with 26 minutes to go. I found the Tiger and was soon calling for help as I attacked it. Stabby came to my rescue and between us the Tiger was taken out.

We were now at the stage where Magic Users should be ?whereing? mobiles by name to see what was left. I went to the Ruin to see if the cord was in tact and ran headlong into the Spider. I got out before she could attack me and went looking for a phial. Back at the Ruin I only just was managing to hang on as my stamina dropped to 32. But my luck stayed with me as Stabby appeared on scene rendering some much needed help.

There was still the Golem to do. This took a bit of organising because by now Gdi was doing something on his own leaving just Stubby and me. I asked Zedar the Mage who was in the Tearoom to help but he chickened out saying that Stabby ?had it in for him?. That could only mean the Zedar that well known PK?er had attacked Stabby earlier on and was now too scared to go back into the game. I eventually prevailed on Cenedra and Paine came in to to help. It went like clockwork and both Stabby and Paine very generously let me keep all the icons. So I got another task done. That got me 100 points plus 112 for killing the Golem then I swamped four icons at 850 each. That made 3,612 points in a few minutes mayhem. Not bad, huh?

With the Stag dead there were just five mobiles left and it ended as Stabby and Gdi killed the Wraith leaving just four. We decided they were the Swan, the Basilisk, the Vampire and one other.

I would call this bash a success because it was so enjoyable even though there were a few left at the end. I am not certain one of them was indeed the Basilisk, because the column disappeared quite early on and the associated noise was heard as someone did the business. I would have been nice to have shared this moment with whoever was responsible. Even so, I realise that the Basilisk could still have been alive at the end. I just doubt it was; that?s all.

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Posted: 31-05-2010 23:42   
Always a pleasure to read =]

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