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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 19/08/10
Author Bash report 19/08/10

Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 302
Posted: 19-08-2010 22:48   
At beginning of reset;
Carcosa (warlock)
Gog (necro)
Heiach (magician) - (later enchanter)
Dreadhorns (swordsy) (our new newbie, please everyone say hi and be nice)
Paine (matriach) (thanks for help with alligator!!! wouldn't have done it without you!!)

Well BAS died and I did not set up the pillar for everyone because it took far too long to do last week!

I did the keep for the valetant

Gog did rats and goblins and destroyed the dragon, wasted the watersnakes and helped with dwarfs (GOOD MAN!)
Carcosa helped though didnt stay too long, perhaps fled to dwarfs i'm not 100% sure! - But thanks (and sorry for snooping you earlier on I thought you were after me! hehe)

I drank some funny potions that gave me less dex *sad face*

Heiach helped kill dwarfs with his trusty shortsword and was the watcher for the reset (wh'd everything!)

I'm still not 100% sure who killed the bees, I think it might have been heiach or the aforementioned warlock hehe

There were 39 mobs left with 26 minutes left so things weren't looking TOO bad...

So we knocked that number down to 15 but reset started to happen! So only 2 mins left to kill 15, which wouldn't be too bad but that is if you don't factor the remaining mobs were all the skeletons, the surlies, the vampire and his buddy the wraith!

I enjoyed it very much but cut my losses at the end and went for points!
Attacked a warlock that had just joined (Roo), critically injured when "Something magical is happening" doh!

Sorry for anyone I have missed out!
Feel free to add comments!

Good bash, thanks all for playing and helping =] same again next week =]


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Joined: Aug 06, 2010
Posts: 4
Posted: 20-08-2010 11:22   
We had the opportunity for a reset when CF came on. We should have taken it. As it was we did not play a full set. This was NOT CF's fault.

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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
Posts: 789
From: Llanelli
Posted: 20-08-2010 18:20   

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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
Posts: 528
From: I can't remember!
Posted: 21-08-2010 15:49   
Yeah I murderised the bees!

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