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Joined: Oct 31, 2001
Posts: 530
From: I can't remember!
Posted: 11-10-2010 18:34   
When is the best time to play..?
When are people on?

[ This Message was edited by: Heiach on 11-10-2010 18:35 ]

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Joined: Aug 29, 2006
Posts: 305
Posted: 14-10-2010 15:25   
Hopefully the new players will show up soon =]
~I know of no game that makes you think as fast~

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Joined: Sep 20, 2001
Posts: 38
Posted: 15-10-2010 09:00   
Im keeping watch on the lookout for new players between the times of 9am to 6pm but so far not many logins from new players, but on a brighter note a few existing players seem to be a little more active than before.

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Joined: Nov 29, 2010
Posts: 39
Posted: 30-11-2010 19:30   

I'm one of the new guys - I used to play many (probably 12-14) years ago and completely forgot how much I enjoyed this MUD.

Many thanks to the help I've had from various of you (Heiach, Fatal, Akira to name but a few) - hopefully I'll be able to help you out too some day soon.

I've forgotten more than I can remember, but you're not catching me out with the silvery, lovely looking cord. M'kay?

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