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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 09/12/10
Author Bash Report 09/12/10

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 10-12-2010 11:55   

It looks like I am back doing the write-up again. Last week we had a wide ranging submission from Heiach which gave a much broader picture. But you cannot expect Wizzes to write up these accounts of intrepid heroism. So it?s back to me and my antics. I will be giving a few quotes from my log as these are always a lot more fun to read. I hope I will not be giving away too much. If what I quote is too esoteric then I am sure Foddy will get his blue pencil out.

It started dead on nine o?clock. Present were Hellbeast the Warlock, Cenedra the Mage, Ayoe the Warlock and me (sorcerer). Our host Wizard was Heiach. And with 105 minutes to go at the start there were 159 mobiles alive.

My game plan was Goblins, Rats then Dragon. I got the staff, one of my favoured weapons but Ayoe had already grabbed the pointers, which meant me going into the Goblins via the Beach. It was straight forward enough with a break to take part in ?the column?. Goblins done, it was on to the rats.

Meanwhile we had been joined by Whyme the Superhero.

Soon it was the turn of the dragon. The dragon and I usually do not get on well together. Here?s the log:


Beating its enormous wings above you is an immense, fire-breathing dragon! A
lone, red and white toadstool grows here.
You trip on the tree root and fall down!
*feed dragon wi coal.wave ptr
I don't know to what "dragon" you're referring.
*Bow dropped.
You feel a sudden, painful electric shock from the bow, which makes it fall
from your hand. Moments later, everything goes black, and you feel like your
stomach has been sucked out. An instant afterwards, your surroundings swirl
about you, and you rematerialise...
You are wandering in a pleasant maze of hedges.
A conductor's baton lies on the ground.

[what the?. Where?s the coal?]
You are carrying the following:
the dinghy, the staff0, the umbrella, the key2, the flute and the


Fairy ring.
Beating its enormous wings above you is an immense, fire-breathing dragon!
*feed dragon wi coal.wave ptr
The dragon starts to devour the coal. Seemed to enjoy it!
The dragon has eaten a coal.
*I don't know to what "pointer" you're referring.
[Hell!! I forgot to pick up the ptr. I had better move quickly]
A lone, red and white toadstool grows here.
You try to set sail, but the seas are much rougher than you had anticipated.
Desperately, you try to make your way back to the shore, realising that
death is inevitable. You are right, and inevitably die.
(-354 = 17,003).
Wolfsbane1 dropped.
Dinghy dropped.
Staff0 dropped.
Umbrella dropped.
Key2 dropped.
Flute dropped.
Overall, you scored 767 points this game.

Back in the Land, somebody had let all the dwarfs out and they were roaming everywhere There was now about an hour to go and 59 mobiles left. We had reached the magic one per minute and a successful bash was well on the cards. Unless someone opened the Giants that is. The Pagoda was already opened.

In a moment of what must have been sheer desperation I decided to tackle the spider solo. I have successfully managed this kill a couple of times on my own now and felt fairly confident. Misplaced as it turned out. My stam steadily dropped and I was thinking about fleeing but I could not remember if the spider blocked the exit or not. Pondering this I suddenly saw what my stam really was:

You miss the spider.
*The spider misses you.
You miss the spider.
*The spider sinks her fangs into your flesh! You feel the poison enter your
You miss the spider.
*f o.qq
(-397 = 17,125).
Opened, empty phial1 dropped.
Staff0 dropped.
Sapphire0 dropped.
You have fled by going out.
It is raining.
Overall, you scored 122 points this game.

No it didn?t block me. And I left my kit behind. Ah well.

Back in the game I went to the North Mountain and bumped straight into a Snowleopard, Next came the Pony and lastly the Snowbird. There was no Lynx this time. Whoever had done the watersnakes , and for once it wasn?t me, had not gone on to clear the North Mountain.

That was about it really:

*Ayoe the dragonfly-slaying, very lucky, bash general warlock shouts "last 3
are ghost phoenix mongoose".
*wh ghost
1 in the place known as "first floor of pagoda".
*A male voice in the distance shouts "i dont know where any of them are".
*wh phoenix
1 in the place known as "second floor of pagoda".
*wh mongoose
1 in the place known as "room of the west wind".

They may as well have been on the Moon. However someone, Whyme I think, did know the way up in the Pagoda and it was soon all over with about 20 minutes to spare.

Instead of hanging around the Tearoom for the rest of the set I should have explored the Pagoda to try to find the way up. That was an opportunity missed.

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