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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash Report 13/01/2011-
Author Bash Report 13/01/2011-

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 14-01-2011 12:54   
From the start to finish there were only two players: Gaia the Hero and me at Sorcerer. Earlier on in the day Gaia had been a Warlock. He told me he had had some unpleasantness with a Surly Dwarf Guard and had come off second best. I managed to set up the pillar. But we both came out of the game at a later stage and so lost our enhanced statistics.

The Bash proceeded along conventional lines with Gaia doing nearly all the work and me really very little. I was surprised to get the choice of the Dagger and the Staff but noted that Gaia had picked up the falchion which he later abandoned in favour of the Broadsword.

I found him sleeping in the Goblins? Den and left him to finish them off and went after the rats. Usually if I tackle the rats without appropriate protection, I have to flee at least once. But this time I did not, mostly because Gaia turned up and waded in.

He next asked me to help with the Thief who had the Broadsword. I assumed from this that it had been stolen from him by the Thief. That would mean that Gaia had already visited the Island dodged the Dragon and made it back safely. Only a skilled player can do such a feat at Hero level. In the event the Thief fled dropping the Broadsword. I am pretty sure Gaia went after him and finished the job off.

My next job was to poison the Wyvern to clear the way up the Keep. You have to be quick and it takes ages, it seems, to take effect. But it is much easier than fighting it hand to claw and tail.

I concentrated on the Formal Garden stuff. Nothing too formidable, though the Stag can be a problem and someone has to do it.

Gaia was by now at Superhero. He was piling the points on, which showed how many mobiles he was killing.

I had just finished off the Boar and was resting when suddenly my screen monitor went blank and I was staring at a picture of a cat ? my windows wallpaper. The carrier had dropped. Logging back in, I read ?Account ********* is already logged in. Do you want to supersede this other session? (y/n)?. Don?t you hate that? Anything could be happening to Royston and there was nothing I could do about it in game. Anyway when I did get back in nothing had happened and I had been sleeping peacefully. I somehow got lost in the dark in and around the Ancient Crypt. Going back to collect my kit, I ignored the scorpion for about the fourth time. I just do NOT like it. I picked up my kit and regained all my stamina. At a loss what to do next I went after my old favourites the Watersnakes. They are easy but it takes some time to finish them off. On the North Mountain I found, in addition to the Pony and the Snowbird, a Lynx.

Next I thought it would be a good idea to ?do the icons?. I persuaded Paine to come into the game and take up one of the three stations. I elected to ?go in? and Gaia, who had evidently killed all the Dwarfs solo, gave me the Shortsword ? a better weapon than my dagger. He went to the Shrine. Paine chose the Ancient Chamber, leaving me with the Hallowed Chamber. That was when things got a bit trying. I found the yew still intact and fearing the Shortsword would not be up to the job searched for an axe. I did have the sense to retain the axe for the one door between me and the Temple but it would have had more sensible to pick my key up after chopping down the yew. It all took time and Gaia was getting impatient. At last I was ready, but try as I could I could not ?get in?. Gaia was now threatening me with all sorts of nasty things. It transpired the third member of the team had not been ready and had been away from her keyboard. But all was forgiven when I found myself facing the Golem. It took but one wafer and I had the better of him. That pleased me as it was another task completed. I now had five. I was under the impression that you could resite from either of the Sanctums (or should that be Sancta?) but I could only do so from the Vicious Rocks. I gave all the Icons and the Shortsword to Giaia as I thought the points were of more use to him at this stage than to me, and I was happy with the task but he gave me two Icons back which I swamped.

We teamed up for the Keep, which went to plan and just as we were sharing out the treasure the game reset. There were between 40 and 50 mobiles left alive.

Sadly next set, Gaia now at Champion fell at the Touchstone and came back on as Novice, despite help and carrying the Rabbit?s Foot.

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Joined: Nov 29, 2010
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Posted: 19-01-2011 13:31   
I will make one of these one day!

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