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Author Bash Report 17/02/11+

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Posted: 18-02-2011 14:44   

There were a few characters in the Tearoom before the set started, which looked promising. Crixas was there. I had seen him earlier on in the day at swordsman or something and he had been killed twice by the dragon, (so he had been doing well in the afternoon and early evening to get back up to Warlock). Also present were Kwee the Hero and of course, Cenedra the lovely Mage. Bambam the Sorcerer came in and in doing so opened up the Giants?. There was a long discussion about it seemingly taking a lot less players than it used to, to open the Giants?. The consensus of opinion was that the rules had been changed so that it and the Pagoda opened up much earlier than they did before. Kingcobra came in just to say ?Hello?. He did not stay for the bash.

The game was reset and the bash was on. I managed to get to the dagger before the Thief which pleased me no end. I soon bumped into Crixas who I noticed had acquired the Broadsword. This I realised, meant an early visit to the Island, dodging the dragon. He had a load of other kit too including the baton and the parasol, which made me rethink my ideas of starting off with the Goblins. I fell back on my old favourite the Watersnakes.

We had a notification that there were 150 mobiles left alive. A further check by me showed two players Kwee the Hero and me (Crixas was obviously invisible making a third) and with 150 mobiles there were 92 minutes of the set left. That was approximately 3 every 2 minutes. This needed to be got to 1 per minute as soon as possible if we were to succeed.

I got an exasperated call from Crixas wanting to know here I was. I had seemly missed a call to the Classical Ruin. I made my way as quickly as possible but was blocked first by a skeleton then by a zombie. I never know whether it is quicker to wait till they move out of the way or try to kill them. Wisely I think, I waited for the skeleton but I should have killed the easier zombie. Arriving on scene at last and out of breath, I saw a fourth player present: Romnmamn the Sorcerer (try typing that quickly!). After the business with the pillar, I went back to the Watersnakes.

I always feel that whoever does the Watersnakes should next tackle the North Mountain. But not being a magic-user I would have a problem getting back off. The only kit left to help me was in the Goblins. Finding the Portcullis open I was fully confident that the Goblins were all dead and ran slap bang into G10. Romnmamn appeared on cue as it were and we overcame the exceptionally large goblin between us. Six goblins on, I got my bit of kit and went back down the well. I realised afterwards I could have saved myself a bit of trouble by taking a shorter route through those passages.

Up on the mountain I overcame the Pony and the Snowbird. It is at this stage that I like to check up on any other mobiles that might be lurking nearby and, not being a magic-user I had to ask someone else to do that for me. I was assured that none showed up.

Someone shouted that they were now going on to the Dwarfen Realm (I think it was Crixas, who was shown to be the dragon-slayer). Thinking this might be a good opportunity to lend a hand I headed off in that direction. I managed to kill a few ?minor? dwarfs, hiding in their food store to regain my stamina. But I went too far into the passageways and ran into the Dwarf King who wasted no time in attacking me. He blinded me and was joined by someone else who I assume was the Dwarf Queen. There was soon no other option given to me than to flee and quit. To my horror, back in the Tearoom I saw my Stamina at 6.

Back in the land and recovered, but without my extra Stats, I came across a Beetle the size of a cat for about the third time and this time decided to do something about it. I was expecting a load of trouble, which was why I had ignored it before, but it proved surprisingly easy. But I realise it might not do so next time! Crixas wanted me at the keep. On the way I visited the stable where ?someone? was fighting a skeleton. I help out. Whoever it was complained that they had lost their magic. But they obviously got it back again very quickly. It is always dodgy though. Sometimes legends fall at the Touchstone.

So there I was a Superhero just wandering around making my way to the Keep. There was the sound of a bell tolling. Romnmamn the Sorcerer had been killed by the Stag. I am always a bit wary of this creature. Sometimes it can be overcome with little difficulty but often it can be surprisingly strong. Crixas was at the keep invisible of course, and as soon as I got there set off to finish the stag before it regained too much stamina. A ?QW? showed Pederask the Necromancer in the game. I came across him later. He may even have been Romnmamn in a different persona, for all I know.

Meanwhile back at the Keep?? Crixas came back. I noticed the Wyvern had already been dealt with, probably without fighting it. Together, with me playing only the minor role, we went through the keep in the accepted fashion. Generously I was allowed all the treasure. Swamping this pushed me up to Champion. And although I believe I am due for a fall at the Touchstone (it has been a while) I made it to Sorcerer.

With my new-found ability to locate individual mobiles I established that skelleton0 was still alive and still in a place where he normally lurks. I picked up a parachute and went in through the waterfall. By opening up the east wall of the reverberating room in the approved fashion I flushed it out and attacked it. You are either lucky or unlucky with skeletons. If you manage to hit them with successive blows they can be overcome but if you run through a phase of not hitting them, they quickly recover their stamina while fighting. I managed to get it down to critically damaged, then it slipped back to seriously damaged then back to moderately damaged and I fled when my own stamina was down to 12. It blocked my exit, I sniffled, having caught a cold going through the waterfall and my stamina was now 11, when I quit.

Coming back into the game, I noticed we had been joined by Mrsorc the Sorcerer. But I had left a problem for others to solve. Skeleton0 was somewhere in or near the Reverberating Room and I had left the last available Parachute behind when I fled. But we were now 4 mobiles left and 15 minutes to go. It looked like a foregone conclusion. A sort of ritual you have to go through to pick up 3K points.
One of the 4 was quickly established as the Jellyfish but there was also the Hunchback. (It looked like he got summoned to the Hut and killed). I suppose Skeleton0 suffered the same fate. That left the Jelly fish and one other. The one other turned out to be the Piglet which was very quickly dispatched. The Jellyfish proved far more bothersome. There are two problems fighting stuff at sea. One is that the mobiles can go to rooms that you cannot. You can see them sometimes when you look around. I once followed the mermaid into disastrous seas. I am also convinced that every sea location you can reach, assuming you have a boat, has a room below where you simply drown. I must investigate this. The other problem is fleeing. When you flee you drop everything you have and that includes the boat, which means you also drown at sea. Not only do you lose points for fleeing but you also die a ?silly? death which in addition to losing you more points, puts you out of the game.

Crixas went after the Jellyfish and had a load of trouble finding it. It was hiding in one of these locations were it could not be seen. But after what he reckoned seemed like 10 minutes, he found it and killed it. It was the last mobile.

To sum up: A good bash that was a whole load of fun. Crixas did the burden of the work with the rest of us helping out where we could. The mystery is ?who is Crixas??

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