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Author Bash Report 10/03/2011-

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
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From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 11-03-2011 12:15   

This was an unusual bash in as far as it became impossible to win quite early in the set. I say quite early from when we started not from when the set started. Those present were Macheath at Novice, Lustrum the Swordsman, Huthut the Sorceress, Aldric the dragonfly-slaying Necromancer, Cenedra the Mage and me (Sorcerer). Nine o?clock came and went as did a quarter past and at sixteen minutes past nine it was sort of universally decided we would go in and do a bash on what was left that set. There were 160 mobiles alive and 79 minutes left of the set: two per minute as made no difference.

Some of the players were already North playing a normal set so all the decent weapons were gone and only one of the pointers was available. The other could have been on the Island but that would have meant dodging the Dragon, who was certainly there and no one fancied the trip. I made my way to the Goblins? Den via the waterfall and. On going through, I debated whether I should tackle the skeleton as I had destroyed the one remaining bit of enabling kit to get where I was (I had not realised the shoes were in play). Too late I realised I had not checked to see if the portcullis had been opened. That would have saved me a bit of trouble. I decided it was wiser not to disturb the skeleton and wait for kit to be brought back into the game.

The pillar ritual took some time. Without both pointers players had difficulty reaching the Classical Ruin. However I had now found the shoes which made it for getting back. I still had not finished the Goblins and used the shoes to get back in.

Then a disaster happened from which there could be no recovery without help from a Wiz. Someone swamped the coal. The loss of the Coal was no one?s fault. What happens is that after battling it out with thirteen Goblins and twenty-two Rats, the coal becomes available and is carried around while the player is seeking a boat. He stumbles into the Swamp where he is attacked by the Banshee. If he is killed or if he flees the coal is dropped and lost for that set. Another problem is that the coal can be stolen by the thief (or other mobile) who then promptly swamps it. The way round this is to carry the coal in a box or bag. This way the mobile cannot ?see? it. The problem now is to remember to take it out at the Vicious Rocks. There is nothing more embarrassing than facing the dragon with the black stuff still in a container of some sort. I have done this more than once. There was some talk about the Treasure Vial but it came to nothing.

We decided to carry on and reduce the SV count as much as we could. I went on to kill the swan when Aldric appeared on scene. Forgetting where he was he decided to drop the barge and suffered a silly death. I bagged his staff and abandoning the knife I took off a Goblin, went after the stag. Kwee, whom I had not come across yet that set, shouted for a glow. And Huthut was on the Dwarfs. I killed the Spider and finding a parachute, went after skeleton0. I lost 1K+ points fleeing. There was a discussion about a fool-proof way of killing skeletons using a particular weapon. But I have tried this method before and found it far from fool-proof. You only have to miss a Skeleton four times in succession for it to recover full stamina, so it seems.

We were now 52 in 5 mins and a target of 50 was set for the game. Then the SV dropped to 51 very quickly. Now, Alrdric had been killed. And being a Magic User meant that a Zombie would have been created. (There is a name for this: 'spawning' or 'respawning'?). Possibly the easiest mobile to kill. When this happens it always appears as Z10. Z10 was in the Misty Graveyard. As I was going through this process of discovery, The Ox appeared. Well it saved me a trip to the Boneyard and so I went for it. There is a far more elegant way of dealing with the Ox but I wasn?t sure if it would count as a kill and reduce the SV. I killed the Ox just as we went into 120 seconds finish-up time and to my disbelief although I scored 3 for a flee and 59 for the kill, the SV remained unchanged. I just got Z10 in time and we were all 300 points up.

Technically we lost this one but we did the best we could and I would call it a moral victory

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Joined: Oct 22, 2007
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Posted: 11-03-2011 16:16   
Damn embarrassing that.

I was on time ( Aldric ) for the bash but only a couple in the tea room and seemed to be no bash.

I went out to play anyway thinking it would reset / start soon ... being heckled by tearoomers!

Reasonably good set, at 8 minutes in the vials had been emptied before I or any other on had been in and a pointer lost, and weapons not where they usually are... hmmm

Pillar done finally, we now had a few players on, and some immortal asked for votes for bash general .. must have been 9.30 by then ... Royston won ( lost?) and became the bash general.

Aldric fled a few times losing points but finishing off the mos, and as Royston said I forgot where I was an dropped the barge when on the water!

I really don't know why but at 2 minutes left I went for the remaining dwarfs... found and killed the king and assumed only queen left. After retiring for a kip I retraced my steps only to find some dwarf guards.. who mugged me.
I seemed to have been given or picked up the cape, which didn't help as the vampire kept blinding me in the fight with the guards ... so I tried to flee but for some reason I couldn't ( need to check log! ).

So I died, as dead a a can of spam!

I hadn't heard that the target would be 50 mobiles, so left the game rather than start again as novice.... ohh well!

Always next week....


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