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MUDII Forum Index General Chat Bash report 26/05/2011+
Author Bash report 26/05/2011+

Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 27-05-2011 11:07   

My own personal view is that last night?s bash was the most enjoyable I have so far experienced. It is difficult to explain why. As I entered the Land, Crawley the Hero and Crixas the Necromancer were ahead of me. Others followed, if not immediately then as the game progressed. Marlight the Warrior and Ellenna the Superheronine soon showed on a ?qw?. I cannot explain it, when players are not in real contact but playing a game using the Internet, there is still always an atmosphere about the place, an ambience if you like. And last night the ambience was wonderful.

Crawley I had heard of before (I am assuming that Crawley and Crowley have the same player behind them see - http://www.hawumph.co.uk ) but it transpired that the other players, none of whom I had previously met, were also old lags. That?s what made it so great.

I did things in my usual order, 13 goblins, 22 rats, 6 water snakes, the pony and the snowbird. Only there was only one rat left by the time I got around to doing them. There is obviously a ?safe? way of dealing with the rats without visiting the Goblins? Lairs first. Incidentally G10 had the Longsword right from the start. Somehow, only armed with a staff, I managed to overpower him leaving myself with 87/105 stamina. I was quite pleased with that.

On the North Mountain, I took the wrong direction and found myself in the Blizzard Maze. After putting in 13 random directions, to my surprise I found myself at the Alpine Cottage. This was a first for me and enabled me to explore the location. I blew the Alpine Horn - nothing much happened. And I tried to wear the lederhosen.

I returned to the main part of the land and defeated something called the Bacon Elemental. There is a joke here somewhere but killing it gained me a further 240 points. That?s one good mobile.

I went next to the Ornamental Garden, got the Stag without too much difficulty but had problems with the Swan. It kept on hitting me and I could get no where near it. I fled from it twice losing 1852 points in the process. This is a double whammy flee situation, you lose points for both the flee and a silly death by drowning.

Coming back through the Tearoom I noticed Azrael the demonic Wizard was somewhere in the game. That might explain the Bacon Elemental. Going through the Ford, I saw my stam. drop to just 3.

Hawumph the onomatopoeic Arch-Wizard also appeared in the game. It was about then that i.r.l. my keyboard started not to work. I had to reboot my computer to get it all going. Back through the Tearoom again I saw that Lucylastic the Championne had also joined us.

By the time I got back, Marlight was carrying my Longsword as well as his own Shortsword. He later abandoned the latter and I picked it up gratefully. Lucylastic was now a sorceress, I noticed, so had had good fortune with the Touchstone.

Meanwhile someone else was having my difficulties with the swan. Normally a fairly easy target, it was proving difficult to hit at all.

As I was kitting myself up to face the Spider, the Icons got done. Someone got to the Spider before me. I was now desperate for a kill, or I would not get my 3K points at the end of the game, which was looking as though it was going to succeed. Meanwhile other players were doing the sealife, which was proving a problem, particularly the Jellyfish. For once I was pleased that the Pagoda Grounds had opened up as that gave me access to a number of mobiles. I soon found Ape0 and clobbered it. We were both looking seriously injured (my stam was on 30) when Crawley and Crixas appeared on scene and joined in and together we finished the ape off. I left them beating up Ape1 and went somewhere else to sleep.

There was it seemed only one ape left by the time I got going again, in the ?Master?s Bedroom?, there was neither Giant Snake nor Monk. There were now only seven mobiles left and it was time to identify them. I sat down in the maze and went through my printed list, ?wh?ing? each one in turn. It showed up the Phoenix in the Room of the West Wind. Like the Master?s Bedroom, this must be situated somewhere upstairs in the Pagoda itself. I stumbled around the ground floor of the Pagoda, in the hope someone had opened a way up when suddenly it was all over and I was 3K points better off. I wandered round a bit more, still looking. I felt quite safe as all the mobiles were now dead, when there was the sound of a bell toll. Lucyelastic the sorceress had been killed by ?someone? (I.e. someone invisible). It was time to go.

As I said at the start, what made this Bash the best was having all those 'old' players back in the game. I hope this is just a start and we see you all again next week and in the weeks to come.


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Joined: Sep 16, 2001
Posts: 789
From: Llanelli
Posted: 27-05-2011 18:15   
Sorry I have to rush off. Long story.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2003
Posts: 216
Posted: 27-05-2011 18:16   
As always, lovely bash report. Agreed, last night was extra special. Felt like I'd gone back 10+ years to Wireplay, was a wonderful evening. Hopefully the returning players may have re-caught the mudbug

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Joined: Nov 20, 2006
Posts: 4
Posted: 28-05-2011 15:17   
Thanks for this - nice write up! We had a heck of a lot of fun! Will definitely be back to do it again soon. And next time I stumble across your LS tell me

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