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Author Bash Report 30/06/2011-

Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 30-06-2011 23:22   
Not really. Looking forward to reading it because I really enjoyed this bash (despite the dwarf incident).

Anyway. I counted 39 left due to the late opening of the giants:

You have killed the goblin17.
(+20 = 24,107).
The goblin17 has just passed on.
40 alive, 255 dead.
*A male voice in the distance shouts "get on them Royston".
Looking northward, you see a place known as "north part of goblin dwelling".
It contains a goblin20 and 2 baskets.
Looking southward, you see a place known as "south part of goblin dwelling".
It contains 3 chickens and a goblin19.
Looking westward, you see a place known as "inside goblin dwelling". It
appears to be empty.
*An evil-looking, female goblin (goblin19) stares at you, madly.
*ql foe
I don't know to what "foe" you're referring.
*A male voice in the distance shouts "only 40 left".
*k g f ths
You attack the goblin19, using the two-handed sword as a weapon.
*You hit the goblin19 (15-19).
You have killed the goblin19.
(+24 = 24,131).
The goblin19 has just passed on.
*Something magical is happening.

edited to include the '-'

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 30-06-2011 23:34   
Discussion was about numbers required for Golem and someone needing an early night if the bash wasn't on...:

You act as if Mrognriac needs sleep
*Gaia the warlock shouts "roy where are you".
*Gaia the warlock says "funny if he turned up now".
*Royston the superhero has just arrived.
OK, Mrognriac the sorcerer laughs.
*Cenedra the mage rolls on the floor, laughing.
*Royston the superhero waves.
*Gaia the warlock grins.
*Gaia the warlock waves.
*Cenedra the mage exclaims "hey royston!".

Right. About that early night...

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 01-07-2011 08:58   
That's a "-" then. I always enjoy reading other players logs. Your second one was from the end of the previous set when we all turned up for the Bash. Something was obviously said just before I logged in and I still do not know what it was.

What was the dwarf incident?

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Joined: Jul 14, 2007
Posts: 1217
From: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Posted: 01-07-2011 11:10   

I started this bash at Superhero level and my plan was to make Sorcerer by the end. I had 7010 points and needed to score 2790 points and get the 3K bonus to do this. As we shall see, I managed to get the 2790 at one stage but dropped back after a flee and in any case, we did not succeed in the bash so there were no extra points at the end.

It started off dead on time. I counted in Gaia the Warlock, Xiuhcoatl the Hero (try typing that in a hurry) and Folly the Prelate. Cenedra the Mage also appeared in the Tearoom worth 36,502 points, it said.

I was still kitting up when I was attacked by the ram. Luckily I overcame it (I had by this time armed myself with the staff) and so had my first kill. I wasted no time in going down the well. I was given an interesting dream word down there: ?fump?. Not as good as the one I had the other day though: ?prat?. I don?t normally get four letter dream words. Next came three zombies in quick succession.

Then it was the turn of the pterodactyl. To my surprise it wasn?t as though as I thought it would be. My stamina only dropped to 80/100.

It is always more difficult to bash as a non-magic-user, simply because you have not got the ?where? command. Someone shouted that the Giant Snake was still alive but that the mongoose and the phoenix were dead. This told me the Pagoda had opened up and caused me to wonder about the apes. I soon barged into a troop of them. (Do apes come in troops or is it monkeys?) Ape0 is the leader. They all seem to follow him and he is described as ?huge and enraged? whereas the others are simply ?enraged?. A ?QW? showed the same five players on, including Cenedra. So five was enough to open up the Pagoda and its environs. I got apes 0 and 1 but had to assume the rest were dealt with by someone else as there was no trace of them anywhere in the pagoda gardens. But then I remembered the monk and went for him.

I next decided to check the formal garden and foolishly attacked the stag. I fled on a stam of 15 and it cost me 200 points. Next time the stag fled from me but I did not go after him as my stam this time was down to 21. During this encounter a bell tolled and I was informed that Folly had died and departed from house ?MA?. I was recovering in the summerhouse and had caught a cold. I had not made the mistake of sleeping in the rain but the stag had done so and had sneezed on me. Round 3 with the stag and this time I fled on just 20 stam. That cost me a further 397 points. Fourth round I got him and gained 227 points. Thus I recovered less than 50% of the points I had lost. That?s how it goes.

A quick check showed that there were 56 mobiles left alive and 39 minutes left of this set. A successful outcome was on the cards if there were enough players on. We were now up six in the land Gaia and I having been joined by Suntzu the Superhero, Mrsorc the Sorcerer, Gsix the Hero, and Groggy the Sorcerer. Xiuhcoatl the Hero had left but the same player may have come back in as one of the aforementioned personas, for all I knew. The Boar came next and finally, after a long search for a boat, the Swan.

Unless the mobiles on the North Mountain are dealt with straight after the Watersnakes they tend to be forgotten. It is difficult as a non-magic-user though because you need a means of getting off the mountain without dying a silly death. And it had not occurred to me until this moment when I am writing this that with the Pagoda open it posed no problem. However I came across one such means and that reminded me. The pony was quite easy I ended with a stam of 88/100. The Snowbird went equally easily. A shouted enquiry produced the response that the Marmot was also about and I knew just where to find him. Landing in the Forest at Base of Cliff it was just a short trip to the Mausoleum where Skeleton2 lurked. I was making no headway. The skeleton was still ?strong? when I was down to 53 stam. This was the time to shout for some help. Gaia and Groggy came to my assistance and the skeleton was finally defeated with my stam down to 35.

I had a peek in the Ruin and saw the cord was still intact. I felt it was less suicidal to join Groggy in the Dwarfs than attempt to tackle the Spider. The stocky guards had gone, as had the hefty ones. I am not sure if Groggy had managed these on his own or if he had help. But between us we overcame the burly ones followed by the Queen and finally the King. I have an idea the surly Guards may have been missed out completely. They are so easy to miss. Once the King is dead there is the temptation to think it?s all done. I confess I grabbed the throne and swamped it. I managed to get it out this time. Earlier on during the day I had set it alight getting it out of the Dwarfen Realm and blew myself up, much to everyone?s amusement, at the Swamp. Now I attacked the Man. He went invisible and then fled. After a bit of searching round I gave up. After a while I found Suntzu fighting skeleton1. He had the blade while the skeleton had a pick.. I joined in with my staff. We were now down to just 8 mobiles alive with 494 seconds ( just over 8 minutes), so a win was still possible. Or it was until the Giants opened:

You have killed the skeleton1.
(+113 = 9,932).
A smallish, well-maintained pickaxe has been dropped here.
The skeleton1 falls apart.
*Suntzu the superhero shouts "I froze out!".
8 alive, 287 dead.
Time-stamp: 22:46:16 on 30-JUN-2011.
This is reset 51551, using slot 0.
A reset is due in 494 seconds.
West lush pasture.
A very nice wood and lucite paperweight is resting here, inscribed with words and a picture.
*In the distance, you hear the terrifying sound of rock splitting!
South mountain.
*A male voice in the distance cheers.
*A male voice in the distance shouts "lol".
57 alive, 238 dead.
Pultroon the hero
Gaia the warlock
Suntzu the superhero
Mrsorc the sorcerer
Gsix the hero
Groggy the dragonfly-slaying sorcerer
Cenedra the mage#
Royston the superhero=

There are a few strange names here including ?Poltroon?

After helping Suntzu with the skeleton my score was up to 9,932 (within 3K of Champion) but my stam was down to 52 and I headed as quickly as I could to a dense forest to recover. But I was not quick enough. As I rushed headlong, I crashed into the Man. He remembered that I had attacked him earlier and wasted no time wading in. This flee cost me 458 points and I was back to 9,474. It was academic anyway with so many mobiles left and several of them Giants. Groggy may have messed around with a few goblins and giants but I resisted the temptation. Suntzu?s line dropped when we were fighting that skeleton and he was lucky to survive.

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Joined: Aug 08, 2002
Posts: 316
Posted: 01-07-2011 15:01   

On 01-07-2011 08:58, royston wrote:
What was the dwarf incident?

[ This Message was edited by: royston on 01-07-2011 09:00 ]

It kind of went like this:

*For your information: the stocky dwarf2 guard is worth 247 points if killed.
You wake up!
Your stamina is 100.
The following players have died in fights this reset:
Xiuhcoatl the dragon-slaying superhero, killed by 2 stocky dwarf
Dwarf guard room.
A rusty key can be seen here. There is an old, female dwarf (dwarf39) here.
There is an old, female dwarf (dwarf40) here. The door is locked shut. A
stocky dwarf guard (dwarf0) blocks your way. The stocky dwarf0 guard is
wearing a cape, and is carrying a longsword. A stocky dwarf guard (dwarf2)
blocks your way.
Not updating persona.
*For your information: the stocky dwarf0 guard is worth 1,007 points if
But later on:

*You hit the stocky dwarf0 guard (10-14).
You have killed the stocky dwarf0 guard.
(+1,007 = 20,568).
The stocky dwarf0 guard has just passed on.
You roar.

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