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Halloween Mobile Bash - Prize Event
Posted by hawumph on 26-10-2007 at 17:27

Yes, it's that time of year again, when the Dwarf Pumpkins attempt to squash the mortal opposition.

When people don Witch and Wizard costumes, in the entirely fallacious belief that some form of skill will rub off, other than a goatlike aroma from the Billygoat costume.

So come along on Thursday at 9pm game time, being the normal weekly bash time, and see why this event is held anually. Yes, that is correct, because I can :) Of course it might just be the prize, a current PC game of winner's choice (within reason, subject to availability, blah, blah) that goes to the persona with the most mobile kills, that makes it popular.

See you there

Hawumph ----*