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Wiz vs. Mortal Sorcerer War
Posted by karya on 11-11-2007 at 13:04

On Thursday 15th November at 9pm (game-time) there will be a wiz vs. mortal sorcerer war! Team captains Turrican and Heiach will lead the wiz and mortal team respectively into battle.

The 5 players on the wiz team will battle it out with up to 9 players of the mortal team until one has been obliterated. Heiach as captain of mortal team will choose the team to face the might of the wizzes.Turrican as captain of wiz team has had to make do with what he's got!

Everyone is welcome to cheer on their favourite team from the tearoom although only participants will be able to enter The Land for the duration of the event. Once one team has been obliterated and a winner declared there will be a second sorcerer war open to all.

Good luck to both teams, see you all on the night!